JagNation Press Pass: Todd Monken, WR Coach


(what are you seeing from the wide receiver group at this point?)
"I think the first thing we're trying to do is build consistency. I think that's the first thing, is trying to build some consistency play in and play out, series in and series out. I think that's the biggest thing we're trying to develop."

(how much can you get done with no pads in the setting you have?)
"I think you can get a lot done. I think with the new offense and the things we're doing in the passing game, I think there are things you can done in terms of … and again, I think getting to know your players and them getting to know you and your coaching style and what the expectations are, and so I think we can get a lot done. The only thing we can go by now is judging how they're doing, how they're practicing, how they're working now."

(have you been able to feel out the veteran leaders in your unit?)
"I think so. I think it's hard because Reggie (Williams) and Matt (Jones) have had a hard time getting on the field. They've been banged up a little bit. Dennis Northcutt's been a great addition. He's a natural leader and his experience in playing in the league for years is…he can lead by example, lead by history of playing in the league. He's always one of the first guys here in the morning, one of the last guys to leave."

(what are seeing from Mike Walker?)
"Natural ball skills. He's physical. A guy that really understands body control and going up and getting the ball. He's a guy who builds to speed. He needs to work on his initial stance, getting out of his stance and burst. But he's going to be a heck of a football player if he can stay healthy."

(do you think Walker can be a difference-maker as a rookie?)
"I think you can. Whether or not he will be, I don't know that. Every day he gets better, whether that leads to him making an impact or not… I don't know."

(what do you expect the competition to be like at the wide receiver position during training camp?)
"I hope it's pretty fierce. I don't know how else put it. I don't know who would think they're established. We're looking for a guy to be a one, to be a guy that you count on every single snap to give you everything you want. Right now we don't have that, so hopefully they understand that. So, I hope they're working towards that and understanding that because the bottom line is you can't throw for 70 yards one week and 240 the next week; you have no consistency in what you're doing. So the first thing you're looking for is consistency, and I know I've said that before. We're talking about from the run game to the pass game. We need to find somebody that wants to be an every-down player."

(is there a 'no man is safe' mentality going into training camp?)
"My understanding is everybody is just given an opportunity. That was my understanding when I took the job. That's all Coach Del Rio offers guys is an opportunity. I think guys have been here long enough and have established themselves that if not now, when? I don't know when. Change coaches, change scheme - it's time for some guys to step up and be players, whoever that may be from Charles Sharon to Matt   Jones to Reggie (Williams). It doesn't matter who it is. So as far as I'm concerned the best players will play. They'll make the team, the ones who gives us the best chance to win. I don't know how else to do it. It's pretty simple, if you don't win games, you get fired. So if we think other guys are the best guys to give us a chance to win then it has to be those guys."

(with first round picks, is the window over for being secured a spot?)
"To me, I've always been in college and each guy had one scholarship, so I don't know how to make a correlation between guys who's a first round pick or a guy who was a free agent and who should be playing. All I can go by is what you see and every day when you're on the field, the guys who make the most plays and do it the most consistent to me are the ones that play, otherwise I don't how you live with yourself. I don't know how you live with yourself coaching if you play guys on potential."

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