Behind Enemy Lines: Alex Brown

In this exclusive, Bears Reports' John Crist gives his inside take on Alex Brown's strengths and weaknesses. What's the word on Chicago's defensive end from someone who's seen been watching? Find out inside!

With the current level of uncertainty regarding the Jaguars defensive end position (Reggie Hayward's health, Paul Spicer's age), it would be wise for the team to develop some kind of contingency plan. A few weeks ago we speculated that the Chicago Bears Alex Brown could potentially be on the trading block, due to the Bears emergence of Mark Anderson and the Bears drafting of Dan Bazuin. Our speculation seems to be right on as more and more reports are surfacing of the Bears willingness to part with the former fourth-round pick from the University of Florida.

Bears Report editor John Crist gave JagNation a full scouting report on Alex Brown, and here's what he had to say. "Alex Brown is a very solid defensive end who can be spectacular at times." Crist went on to say that "the only reason the Bears are trading him is that it's simply a numbers game, and Mark Anderson fits in a little better with Lovie Smith's cover two scheme. Alex Brown plays the run very well, and he can get to the quarterback." Crist believes that Brown can likely be counted on for 6-8 sacks, possibly more playing next to the Jaguars stud defensive tackles, John Henderson and Marcus Stroud.

There have been a few teams rumored to be in the running for Brown's services, namely the Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, and Tennessee Titans. Considering Brown's age (only 28), and minimal salary figures (three years left all well under $1 million), the Jaguars should be an interested party as well.

Although Brown's contract numbers are currently friendly and moderate, he is rumored to be looking for a new deal. A new deal at his age shouldn't be much of an issue for the Jaguars, being that they just saved approximately $3.5 million with the release of longtime safety and Jaguars icon Donovin Darius.

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