JagNation Press Pass: Gerald Sensabaugh


(on the release of veteran safety Donovin Darius)
"It was stunning, a total shock to me. Donovin is a great player and great leader for our team. He did a lot things to help everybody with their play on the field and with off the field issues. I respect Donovin to the fullest. He is one of the greatest teammates I have ever had. I am going to miss him and I know the whole team is going to miss him. The fans are going to miss him and the organization is going to miss him. I guess we have to move on, but Donovin did a lot for this team."

(on losing veterans Deon Grant and Donovin Darius in the secondary since last season)
"We still have Rashean (Mathis), Brian Williams and Terry Cousin. I am going to do my best to step up and try to be a leader for this football team. We have a lot of young safeties and I will try to do my best to show them what Deon (Grant) and Donovin (Darius) showed me. Hopefully we will be able to grow, move on and make this team the best it can be."

(on developing a relationship with rookie safety Reggie Nelson)
"I talk to Reggie all the time and try to help him with whatever he needs. If he ever has a question he knows he can ask me about anything. I share my little tricks about what I have learned about playing on the field and he can ask me about any off the field issues. I talk to Josh Gattis about everything even financial issues. I will step up and be a leader for those young guys and do the best job I can do."

(on if he is more comfortable playing strong or free safety)
"It doesn't matter with our defense because they are both the same. You can get put to each side and end up being the free safety at any time."

(if the release of Donovin Darius reminds you of the NFL being a business)
"It is a big reminder. You never know what can happen. All you can do is just control your play on the field and do your best out there where you can have it all in your hands. You just have to go out there and play as hard as you can and make plays when you can make them."

(on what he learned the most from being around Donovin Darius)
"I really just learned how the NFL works, how the scheme works on the field and off the field. He has helped me out a lot with off the field issues. I talk to Donovin all the time especially with our lockers side by side. I got a good chance to talk to him and learn a lot about him. I have learned a lot. I wish I had some of his attributes, but I have to do what I can so I can get to there."

(on his memories of playing with Donovin Darius)
"I don't how to explain it. Before I even came to Jacksonville I was like, 'Donovin Darius, I get to play with this guy.' I'm just happy to be able to play with him. He just helped me out a lot as a person and it's probably why I am the player I am today and the player I plan on being in the future. Donovin is the hardest working guy I have ever seen. It's so sad to see him leave."

(on the expectations growing for the younger guys in the secondary)
"I show whatever I know to Reggie (Nelson) and tell him. There are no secrets. I treat him like a brother just like the older guys showed me. I got a lot of help from the older guys. All I can do is help the younger guys. I have to do what's best for our football team so we can be the best and go get a Super Bowl. I am telling everybody I know all I know about football, everyone I have to compete with, too. Jack (Del Rio) is going to put the best guys out there to play and if it's me then okay, if it's not then okay. Our main goal is to go win a Super Bowl."

(on his expectations for the upcoming season)
"I just want to make a lot of plays. I want to do my best. I will do a good job. I'm pretty confident."

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