JagNation Press Pass: Mike Peterson


(on his thoughts of losing safety Donovin Darius)
"I was shocked. I look at it as not only losing a good safety or good ballplayer, but he was a good friend. I don't want to say losing him but losing him on Sunday's. We will remain close and stay in contact, but as far as on the field we are definitely losing one of the guys I knew I could count on every Sunday."

(on the trust factor being important in the NFL)
"This league is all about being accountable. It's not boxing or one of those one man sports. We have to depend on the guy next to us and he has to be accountable to hold up his end."

(on what area will the Jaguars miss the most with Donovin Darius gone)
"Probably his leadership on the field and in the lockerroom. He is the NFLPA guy so if you have any questions Donovin was always the guy you could go to."

(on who has to fill his void on the field)
"Gerald Sensabaugh and Reggie (Nelson). It's nothing that Reggie and Gerald (did). Right now they are probably hating it that they are in that position. We as players, media or regular people look at that other guy. How do you think Gerald is feeling? How do you think Reggie is feeling? It's nothing for them to feel like, 'I don't want Donovin to feel this way toward me or I don't want the guys to look at me a certain way.' We just had that certain feeling about Donovin. He was a brother to me. I'm going to treat Reggie (Nelson) the same way. Reggie and I are going to grow the same way Donovin and I grew. I just want to put that out there. We shouldn't look at Gerald or Reggie any certain way. Reggie didn't get Donovin out of here. It's a business."

(on the NFL being a business)
"You hear it all the time about people saying it's a business. It doesn't make it that much better. It still hurts when you see one of your guys gone. When Deon Grant (left), everybody said this is a business and it happens in the NFL. It doesn't make you feel any better. It still hurt me. It still hurt Donovin and it still hurt the rest of the guys here. There is no need to pout or cry about it. We have to move on, but it still hurts. It's like a death in your family. It happens and you are going to feel bad about it. You have to move on."

(on the transition to the younger guys at the safety position)
"We are going to be alright. The bottom of the tank is not going to fall out. It's a process. It hurts. It's supposed to hurt or it would mean we didn't care about that guy. If it didn't hurt or we didn't have any feelings about it then we wouldn't be breaking it down (in the huddle) saying 'family' the way we do. We looked at him (Darius) as a brother so it's supposed to hurt."

(on if he had a chance to speak with Donovin Darius today)
"I spoke to him briefly. There were a lot of guys patting him on the back. I just told him that when one door closes then one door opens. I will be in touch with him. Donovin is a strong individual. There is no need for guys to feel pity for him. He's a strong guy and he's always going to fall on his feet. If there is any guy in that locker room that is going to hit the ground rolling then Donovin is one of them."

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