JagNation Chat Transcript: Leon Searcy

JagNation hosts Leon Searcy for a chat with the former Jacksonville Jaguar.

nsbjag> So how is everyone this evening?
RobbC> Glad to have Leon here tonight
Leon-Jags72> drinking a heiny on the patio listen to the oldies
tannerfox> Yes yes yes
nsbjag> Thanks so much for stopping by Leon
Leon-Jags72> thanks for having me
tannerfox> I still get chills when I remember being in the stadium when you guys returned from Denver. That was special. How did the team feel about it?
nsbjag> As long as everyone's drinking, well... that's normal, for us anyway
Leon-Jags72> amazed by the fan response
nsbjag> Speaking of that Denver upset, was it true that Coughlin posted Woody Paige's articles on the lockerroom ? tannerfox Member has chosen to keep email information private
nsbjag> saying how the Jags weren't a worthy opponent
Leon-Jags72> if he did i didn't see it
tannerfox> jagwads
Leon-Jags72> oh yeah
nsbjag> I never though any of that bulletin board stuff worked anyway
tannerfox> It was cool being in the stands when you all got back
Leon-Jags72> we took that comment personal
tannerfox> so did we
nsbjag> I can't believe Paige is on TV regularly
tannerfox> him and jerry springer and dr phil
RobbC> Those were the days when every car had a Jaguars license plate, flag, or something that said Jaguars.... Wish it was still that way
Leon-Jags72> no one gave us a chance against the mighty broncos
nsbjag> 17 point dogs?
tannerfox> or the bills lol
Leon-Jags72> those were the glory years
nsbjag> that was back when Denver was cheating the salary cap
tannerfox> everyone cheats
nsbjag> Leon, do you keep up with the NFL much now that you're retired?
Leon-Jags72> very much so
Jeffuf999> What are your thoughts about the current tackle duo (Pashos and Barnes)?
Leon-Jags72> good young talent i always love good OL play
Jeffuf999> Any chance they ever reach the level you and Boselli were at?
Leon-Jags72> with time
Leon-Jags72> probably never look as good as me but hey
tannerfox> lets not count out Mo just yet
Jeffuf999> I think Mo is fighting an uphill battle
nsbjag> Good line play is so underrated, in front of every 1000 yard back there is the guys who created the holes
Leon-Jags72> amen
RobbC> What current Jaguars most resembles your style of play?
Leon-Jags72> the lt barnes is nasty
Leon-Jags72> andy heck is good coach he'll get them right
nsbjag> Leon, who was the toughest guy you ever lined up against?
Leon-Jags72> derrick thomas God rest his soul
nsbjag> He was fantastic, I remember the game against Seattle when he had 5 sacks
Leon-Jags72> dt was at his worst in arrowhead
tannerfox> Any offers from TC to come to NY as a coach?
Leon-Jags72> not yet i'm waiting
tannerfox> You will be going somewhere
nsbjag> Was Coughlin as much of an *** as everyone made him out to be?
Leon-Jags72> no, tc was a class act just stict as hell
tannerfox> I thought your last team was better than their record
tannerfox> in south florida
RobbC> what teams do you follow most?
Leon-Jags72> UM college is my passion
nsbjag> What was it like preparing to play in a Super Bowl w/ Pittsburgh?
Leon-Jags72> no need to prepare if u can't get up for the superbowl then something wrong
nsbjag> How was the entire experience?
nsbjag> media day, practice, everything?
tannerfox> Is it hard getting up for every game?
Leon-Jags72> better than well u fill in the blank ---
nsbjag> Nice
Leon-Jags72> not really just jokin
nsbjag> I guess it depends on who you are "blanking"
Leon-Jags72> but i loved playing in the superbowl
tannerfox> Do you still keep in touch with some of the players from the glory years?
Leon-Jags72> oh yeah keenan j smooth fred t ben coleman and brian demarco
tannerfox> good to hear
tannerfox> smooth was special
nsbjag> Future HOF'er
Leon-Jags72> jimmy smith was the best
tannerfox> did fred treat the linemen right when he came into the league
Leon-Jags72> hall of famer yes
JaGpAn11> hey guys, sorry im late, got cuaght up watching the draft
tannerfox> who went where
Leon-Jags72> fred t took care of his ol
tannerfox> good to hear
tannerfox> lol
nsbjag> Oden, Durant, Horford
JaGpAn11> most interesting trade was ray allen to boston with the sonics getting a few guys and jeff green
JaGpAn11> hey leon, its brendan
nsbjag> Who do you Keenan will sign with?
Leon-Jags72> horford's dad went to school with me at um
JaGpAn11> he seemed like a cool guy, energetic
tannerfox> interesting
nsbjag> Tito?
JaGpAn11> lol, yeah tito
nsbjag> Horford, not Jackson
Leon-Jags72> yes tito
nsbjag> He looked really proud tonight
JaGpAn11> sure did
tannerfox> he should be
Leon-Jags72> what do the jags look like nowadays?
nsbjag> Totally different than when you played
JaGpAn11> roller coaster ish
tannerfox> they have different looks in different games
nsbjag> Boring offense, great defense
JaGpAn11> what, they had 7 games they lost this season by 10 or less points
nsbjag> A ton of team speed for '07
Leon-Jags72> can they make the playoffs this year?
tannerfox> lots of injuries too
nsbjag> 15 guys on the IR
tannerfox> if they run the ball
nsbjag> They have a physical identity
tannerfox> they will win
Leon-Jags72> i like that rookie (MJD) from last year at rb
JaGpAn11> i think they can, great d, great run game, the apssing game needs to be effecient and they are contenders
nsbjag> Sort of like the old Pittsburgh teams
JaGpAn11> jones-drew...he's a beast
nsbjag> Maurice Jones Drew was fantastic last year
tannerfox> good tandem with Fred
tannerfox> Fred does the dirty work
nsbjag> Great personality as well
nsbjag> steal in round 2
Leon-Jags72> tell me about daunte culpepper, are we getting him
JaGpAn11> I have a queston Leon, are you familiar with Tony Pashos, OT we signed from Baltimore?
nsbjag> In a word, yes
tannerfox> i hope so
JaGpAn11> wasnt the meeting on that today (culpepper)?
nsbjag> No one else seems to be interested in him, and his hearing is tomorrow
tannerfox> soon
JaGpAn11> ok
Leon-Jags72> tony is solid he has good feet and technique
nsbjag> Daunte needs a change of scenery
tannerfox> Dante will play in the NFL this coming season
JaGpAn11> i've heard mixed things abuot him regarding his specialty. some say pass blocker, others say run...what's your perception on that?
Leon-Jags72> too much south beach ?
nsbjag> Is there a such thing?
RobbC> where are you living now?
JaGpAn11> it's interesting that duante didnt make it in miami, especially with them needing a qb that badly. i think his knee is still really bad
Leon-Jags72> coral springs,fl
tannerfox> hows the fishing there
nsbjag> Nice area
tannerfox> do you fish?
Leon-Jags72> don't fish
tannerfox> too bad
nsbjag> I play around in Miami a few times/yr.
Leon-Jags72> what your hot spots?
JaGpAn11> you played HS at evans (Go D.P), ever go back to watch games?
nsbjag> It's not overly exciting since I'm married, we usually just hit up the high $ steakhouses, and go to some games, Jags, Heat, etc.
JaGpAn11> living the high life charlie
nsbjag> I travel quite a bit
Leon-Jags72> evans high school will always be my love. i go to the games when i can
nsbjag> you know exotic cars, big meals, makin' it rain
JaGpAn11> again, lving the life
Leon-Jags72> who's making it rain?
nsbjag> I do okay
nsbjag> Leon, what do you think about PacMan Jones?
tannerfox> someone somewhere is making it rain
Leon-Jags72> Pac man needs some guidance and fewer friends
tannerfox> loyalty works both ways
nsbjag> I was watching a special today about Darrent Williams, and how good of a guy he was, it doesn't really seem fair
Leon-Jags72> they love u when you've got it and leave you when it's gone
tannerfox> his friends don't seem to get it
JaGpAn11> how hard is it for a guy in that situation to balance loyality to friends and doing whats right for their career? would you suggest just cutting all ties in that situation/
nsbjag> NFL careers are short, guys need to be responsible with their cash
Leon-Jags72> cut ties and save your career
JaGpAn11> amen
tannerfox> Leon Lett let his career go too. For different reasons. Both are just not that clever
nsbjag> Someone will likely give Pac another chance, he's too talented right now
RobbC> Leon, were you ever in that situation..to make a choice?
nsbjag> all coaches think they can change guys
Leon-Jags72> i hope pacman gets another chance
tannerfox> me too
tannerfox> he may be gone for good though
nsbjag> If he can stay clean this year he'll get reinstated
tannerfox> next appearance in longest yard 3
JaGpAn11> there's a saying my dad has always said..nothing good can come after 2:00. Even if you are a good guy like Williams, its the unfortunate world we live in now, that you are subject to those kind of things. You just have to do your best to not get in a situation like that (although williams couldnt help it too much)
nsbjag> Titans will likely trade him
JaGpAn11> titans seem to be done with him
nsbjag> Williams was out on New Years eve
Leon-Jags72> the devil is at work at 2am
JaGpAn11> everyone deserves a 2nd chance though...
JaGpAn11> lol, well said leon nsbjag Member has chosen to keep email information private
tannerfox> can't, too much of a cap hit or he would already be gone
nsbjag> New England will pick him up for 10 cents on the dollar and turn him into a star
nsbjag> Tennessee's cap is okay, they can handle it
tannerfox> then why haven't they cut him
nsbjag> Too much talent
nsbjag> and he plays a premium position
tannerfox> naaaaaaaaa don't believe it
nsbjag> Trust me on this
Leon-Jags72> they can't cut him he counts too much against the cap
tannerfox> Tru dat
nsbjag> Titans have cleaned up their cap quite a bit
tannerfox> not that much
JaGpAn11> leon, whos the toughest guy you've had to go up against at any level?
nsbjag> Derrick Thomas, next time don't be late
nsbjag> j/k
JaGpAn11> lol, my bad
Leon-Jags72> how my boy boselli doing?
RobbC> slim and trim
JaGpAn11> the first born son?
nsbjag> radio guy, isn't he?
RobbC> running tri's
JaGpAn11> yeah, he's getting better at it
RobbC> and commercials for the Back Pain Insitute
Leon-Jags72> first born boselli
JaGpAn11> he was brutal at first but seems to have caught on
tannerfox> yep upon that rock TC built the Jaguars
tannerfox> I liked the player that played center with you and bos
Leon-Jags72> widell
tannerfox> he was fun to watch
tannerfox> yep
Leon-Jags72> widell is a financial broker now
nsbjag> nice
tannerfox> hmmmm didn't figure him for that line of work
Leon-Jags72> i talked to 2 weeks ago
tannerfox> he had fun playing the game
JaGpAn11> hows the realestate coming along (let me know if that was asked too please :-)
Leon-Jags72> i buy i sell
nsbjag> So do I
nsbjag> Do you wish Coughlin would have ran the ball more in that playoff run(s)
tannerfox> We scored enough points. We just game up too many to Tenn
tannerfox> gave up too many
JaGpAn11> curse of the marino...j/k
Leon-Jags72> remember the titans good movie but bad results for us
tannerfox> we certainly gave him something to curse about
nsbjag> I could only imagine how you felt after that game
tannerfox> him and his coach
nsbjag> You guys would have killed St. Louis
JaGpAn11> lol, that many turnovers, not much else you can do... seems to be a pattern (David garrard *cough*)
Leon-Jags72> i hated losing to the titans 3 in a row
tannerfox> Wonder what happened to the killer B's
JaGpAn11> the kicker there is the music city musical... without that we could have been champs
Leon-Jags72> music city miracle killed us
nsbjag> forward lateral
nsbjag> Tell me you didn't record in that Uh, oh video
JaGpAn11> what were you thinking when you watched that?
JaGpAn11> probably prefered not to play the titans again
Leon-Jags72> my ex organized that uh oh song
JaGpAn11> frank wychek (sp)... what a jerk
nsbjag> You guys should have waited, bad karma
nsbjag> I hated Wychek, and that TE screen they used to run
JaGpAn11> uh oh song? only 18 so need refreshing
Leon-Jags72> we tried to wait but the song leaked
nsbjag> How did it feel to destroy the fish in Marino's last game?
nsbjag> I remember Dolphins fans leaving in the first quarter
Leon-Jags72> 62-7 was too many points we needed some points for the titans
tannerfox> They only lasted a couple more the last time we played them in their house last season
JaGpAn11> went to that game
nsbjag> Worst pro sports city I've ever been to
tannerfox> what city is that charlie
nsbjag> They left a tie game in the World Series
nsbjag> Miami
JaGpAn11> their celebration song is the worst!
tannerfox> I love miami
nsbjag> They don't support their teams
RobbC> I think charlie just means the fans
tannerfox> planning on going down to the first pre season game
JaGpAn11> lets not talk too much smack about miami, we have a 300 lbs alumni in the room
JaGpAn11> he might beat us down, j/k leon
nsbjag> The "U" has a great history
tannerfox> not me lol
RobbC> not speaking of the Canes
Leon-Jags72> who's talking bad about the U
JaGpAn11> lol
tannerfox> Canes lose recruits due to the location they are at
RobbC> it was the Fins, Marlins, and Heat we were referring to
tannerfox> jmo
nsbjag> The OB?
JaGpAn11> they also built a dynasty recruiting in florida
tannerfox> similar situation somewhere else. Wouldn't you say?
nsbjag> Those teams w/ Irvin were great
JaGpAn11> leon, why do you think storried FL programs like UM and FSu have turned?
Leon-Jags72> UM the greatest college football program ever
Jeffuf999> UF, UM, and FSU are starting to lose recruits to UCF, USF as those programs get better and can offer immediate PT
JaGpAn11> too many people tryin to recruit the state?
Leon-Jags72> lazy recruiting
Leon-Jags72> i have to walk the dog
nsbjag> They (UM) had their glory days
JaGpAn11> what kinda dog?
tannerfox> faithful
tannerfox> unconditional love is what a dog brings to a Man's life
Leon-Jags72> ladies dog it's a yorkshire terrier
tannerfox> cool
JaGpAn11> those are the best kind (ladies dog)
tannerfox> love my dog
JaGpAn11> mine just died, collie, she was 13
tannerfox> she never bitch's
nsbjag> Sorry about that
tannerfox> rip
Jeffuf999> I am sorry, but it is too funny to picture Big Searcy walking a tiny lil yorkie
nsbjag> Thank you Leon for spending some time answering our questions
RobbC> Hopefully you can join us again sometime

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