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Ten Jaguars questions and there are no stupid answers (just stupid people)

Question #1> To get started, the Jaguars seemingly have more talent than ever at wide reciver entering camp than in years past, how many WR's do they keep and who are they?

RobbC> 6 (Williams, Jones, Walker, Sharon, Broussard, Northcutt)
zalomar12> They keep 6 - Matt   Jones, Reggie Williams, Mike Walker, Dennis Northcutt, Broussard, and Sharon. Wilford is the odd man out.
Jeffuf999> say Wilford loses out to the speed guys
TheDav> Jones, Williams, Walker, Northcutt, Broussard, Sharon, Wilford. 7
nsbjag> Wow- 7 guys! I think Wilford makes it over Sharon
TheDav> well, some of them will also multitask as special teamers
nsbjag> I don't think Sharon will be quite as good when the pads are on
RobbC> same with Broussard though

Question #2> What will the Jaguars do with all of that cap room (approx. $16.5M)?

TheDav> DE.
RobbC> They will wait to use for Leftwich's new contract
TheDav> I can see that, too, Robb
zalomar12> Use it to resign some of our own guys, like Leftwich and maybe McCray.
Jeffuf999> I think they go after Culpepper when his hearing is resolved, then use the remaining money to lock up R. Williams, McCray, and MAYBE Leftwich during the season
nsbjag> I think they sign Culpepper and lock up Sensabaugh during the year
TheDav> Reggie isn't getting locked up unless he looks like he did before Leftwich was hurt last season, IMO
nsbjag> Leftwich won't sign before testing free agency
Jeffuf999> Hence why I think Reggie gets locked up about week 10
TheDav> One can only hope.
Jeffuf999> :)
nsbjag> Good job everyone
Jeffuf999> Positive thinking Dav

Question #3> How much longer is Mo Williams on the roster?

RobbC> Cut before preseason
nsbjag> beginning or end?
RobbC> Cut August 3rd
Jeffuf999> I think he stays on it the entire season unless there is an injury to another team's starting tackle that opens up a trade opportunity
TheDav> Mo sticks around as a quality backup as long as he is not valuable enough to another team to make a decent offer to the Jaguars.
zalomar12> Until September or October. We trade him early in the season when another team decides they have a need a OT, whether due to injury or anything else.
nsbjag> I've heard some rumblings that say he doesn't make it much longer
RobbC> press release august 2nd

Question #4. Is it a good idea for the Jaguars to sign Daunte Culpepper?

TheDav> It's a good idea if A: he will sign for reasonable money and B: he understands that he will not be the starter.
Jeffuf999> I think it is, as long as the contract isn't prohibitive. We have seen what 2 of our 3 guys can do in the long term as a starter.
zalomar12> If the money is reasonable, and he is healthy, yes. It would give us a better insurance plan if anything happens to Byron.
RobbC> No, creates more controvery, plenty of qb's to choose from.
nsbjag> I agree with zalomar, he is an upgrade over the backups currently on the roster
Jeffuf999> Unless you have Brady or Manning, you have QB controversy just about everywhere
TheDav> Health is still a big issue with DC
Jeffuf999> Nature of the position

Lightning round!!!
I will ask the question and please wait until I've typed the four possible answers before responding

#5. How many games does Leftwich miss in '07?

    a. less than two
    b. 2-4
    c. 5-9
    d. more than 10

TheDav> A. Less than two.
zalomar12> A. This is his year.
RobbC> B. 2
Jeffuf999> A. less than 2, he misses the finale when we already are locked into a playoff spot :)
nsbjag> For the record, I too think he stays healthy

#6. How many games will be blacked out at JMS in '07?

    a. half the season
    b. 2-3 games
    c. just Oakland
    d. Jaguars fans are better than I think

Jeffuf999> D
zalomar12> C. Hopefully none, but the Raiders game is going to be a tough sell.
RobbC> D. More like "Wayne will take care of us"
TheDav> B. Buffalo on Thanksgiving week and Oakland on Christmas week.
nsbjag> I think they get enough sold to avoid the blackouts, but it take some divine corporate intervention
TheDav> BUT - if season ticket sales are high enough, no-shows won't matter

#7. What will be David Garrard's reaction when he finds out the Jaguars signed Daunte Culpepper?

    a. He drives his car into oncoming traffic on I-95, killing a redneck family of four, all ironically wearing Jaguars #9 jerseys
    b. He pouts to his wife and himself, then wins the #3 job
    c. Garrard welcomes the competition, then beats out Culpepper for the backup job
    d. Garrard's agent begins to call arena league owners checking if there are any backup jobs available

TheDav> C. "Oh, $#!T, what do I have to do to play for this team" He knows the 'system' better than Culpepper will.
zalomar12> B. Like Byron, like Daunte.
RobbC> B) but first sits for interview on cold pizza about how happy he is as the #2
Jeffuf999> D, but instead looks to be the first QB taken in the newly formed UFL
nsbjag> Nice
TheDav> (For A) He would have to run into the family in reverse ("backing up")
Jeffuf999> I was thinking more like he was used to seeing everybody going the other way and thought he just threw another pick for a TD

#8. Who does Jack Del Rio bench after the Jaguars first loss to the Texans this year?

    a. Leftwich- he's the easy target, a lot of fans already hate him- besides, it takes pressure off JDR for not having the team ready like last season
    b. Matt Jones, he wouldn't even notice
    c. Brady Quinn- oh wait, they didn't draft him
    d. Josh Scobee, the next week's motto is "F-it', we're going for two"!

zalomar12> E. What loss to the Texans?
RobbC> B) Matt's already curled up on the bench
zalomar12> B
Jeffuf999> D, but with Podlesh taking over for him, after all he ran a 4.45, and we know what Shack thinks about 40-times
zalomar12> Although I still say E) What loss to the Texans?
TheDav> E. WHAT loss to the Texans. If I can't do that, then B) Jones looks good with a clipboard.
nsbjag> B. All they have to do is explain to Matt that he won't get hit on the bench
TheDav> as long as he doesn't stand TOO close too the sidelines on a rollout....
Jeffuf999> And he can spend the entire game with his gloves hanging from his facemask
TheDav> plus he can work on his tan.

#9. Which team do the Jaguars blow out that they have no business beating (by national perception)?

    a. San Diego
    b. Indianapolis
    c. Pittsburgh
    d. New Orleans

zalomar12> B. Setting the tone for the rest of the season.
TheDav> B. Indy again.
RobbC> B
Jeffuf999> E. All of the above, since we have no business beating any of them according to national perception
nsbjag> Good answer Jeff
TheDav> NO worries me more than the other three.

Finally, #10. What team do the Jaguars lose to that they have no business losing to?

    a. Houston (it seems to work that way almost every year)
    b. Tennessee
    c. Buffalo
    d. Oakland (trap game)

TheDav> D. Oakland after they clinch the playoffs.
Jeffuf999> A. Last game of the season...going back to my earlier statement of a secured playoff spot
RobbC> C. Who CAN get themselves up for a game against the Bills?
zalomar12> C. Trap game that wil come after a big win over SD and with the team looking ahead to Indy the following week.
nsbjag> Nice job everyone
nsbjag> I would take both a. and c.
TheDav> No losses to Houston this year.

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