Culpepper Jerked Around

As many people already know, Daunte Culpepper's grievance hearing that was originally scheduled for June 29 had to be rescheduled for July 18th. The reason his hearing was initially rescheduled was because the arbitrator's plane had some weather issues and couldn't make it in on time.

Culpepper then tried to reschedule for later in the week, but the Dolphins couldn't meet until next week, in Los Angeles. Why Los Angeles, you might ask? Apparently, L.A. is where most of the Dolphins officials would be next week. Unfortunately for Daunte, his witnesses aren't able to make it out to L.A. at that time, so the only time that the Dolphins officials, and the arbitrator were all going to be able to be in Miami is July 18th.

So now that you know the story behind the delay, the obvious question that can and should be asked is "why are the Dolphins fighting the inevitable release of Daunte Culpepper?" The Dolphins have clearly gone in a different direction at quarterback, and why would they fight the release of a guy who they have absolutely no intentions of keeping? The easy answer is that they would like to get some compensation for him via a trade, but what team will give up anything for a guy who has said that he will not restructure his contract, as Daunte has stated?

To me, it obvious that the rift between Daunte Culpepper and the Miami Dolphins has boiled over past the point of any concession by either party. Why are the Dolphins trying to hold Culpepper hostage when he has pretty much all the leverage? The easy answer is spite. Apparently, the Dolphins don't appreciate the way Culpepper has handled things, and they want to try and punish him as much as they can. At this point, the Dolphins have nothing to gain by having Culpepper on the roster, and they need to move on from this embarrassing situation, because it makes the front office of that proud franchise look even worse than the team that's been on the field.

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