Respect, On and Off the Field

Recently, JagNation did a piece on former Jaguars Pro-Bowl right tackle, Leon Searcy. We discussed with Leon some of his highlights from his playing days, as well as what he's done since, which includes coaching and helping out in the community. One of Leon Searcy's most important community programs has been "Team Respect".

Team Respect is basically an outreach program that is designed to motivate young people to adopt a lifestyle of Respect towards God, themselves and others. The foundation bases everything they do on the sometimes (considered) outdated notion that all men are created equal. Team Respect seeks to teach and apply those great words from the Declaration of Independence to the men of our society that are most revered, football players. It is their hope that they can truly affect societal change with just a simple message. Some may note that when men have applied the truth that all men are created equal, just in America, we have seen the birth of a new nation, the sustaining of that nation through a Civil War, (in Lincoln's words at the Gettysburgh Address), and the dream that became a speech that took the Civil Rights Movement so far that this same great nation changed its laws, as a result.

In the short period of time that Searcy has been helping, he's changed many young people's lives by giving speeches at schools, youth centers, and churches alike. Leon continues to give back to the South Florida community, and he's certainly a person that young people will listen to, given his stature in the community as well as he fantastic NFL career. When I asked an area teacher about what she thought of Searcy's work, and the "Team Respect" foundation, she said that she "thought it was a great idea, and Searcy is a person that children will listen to. When professional athletes, and former athletes, take the time out of their busy schedules to talk to kids about basic things like right and wrong, it certainly makes a difference."

If you want to learn more about this organization, feel free to email Steve Lance, Team Respect Executive Director at

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