JagNation Dead Zone - Fan Q&A

JagNation asks the fans for opinions on Jaguars issues.

1. Does Byron Leftwich stay in Jax after the '07 season?
tannerfox> no, too much distance between him an JDR
tannerfox> I think either way byron leaves
RasheanMachine> Yes
JagAlfie> If he can play the full 16 games and the Jaguars make the playoffs, yes.
JagAlfie> Anything less, no.
nsbjag> I think they end up franchising him
RasheanMachine> Me, too

2. Who is the Jaguars leading receiver in '07?
tannerfox> Reggie or the rookie, the one without the skinny legs (Walker)
JagAlfie> Overall: Reggie Williams, Receptions: Marcedes Lewis, Touchdowns: Matt   Jones
RasheanMachine> Overall: Reggie Williams. Receptions: Marcedes Lewis. Touchdowns: Tie (Northcutt, Lewis)
nsbjag> I think Reggie leads in yards and TD's, Marcedes in receptions
tannerfox> Northcutt too me will not be as big a factor as most think
JagAlfie> I think Northcutt is a much bigger factor than most people think.
tannerfox> Matt Jones stay healthy he will score TD's
nsbjag> I watched an NFL Network replay of the '02 Cleveland playoff game the other night, Northcutt was awesome
tannerfox> Time will tell
RasheanMachine> Northcutt with a decent QB and offensive system is very intriguing to me
tannerfox> We are now in 07
nsbjag> that was with Kelly Holcomb
nsbjag> time will tell
tannerfox> return man by the end of the season only
JagAlfie> Northcutt was productive and pointing up until Crennell came in and basically removed him from the offense.

3. Does Scott Starks beat out Terry Cousin for the nickelback position?
tannerfox> no
JagAlfie> Easily.
RasheanMachine> Yes, Starks beats out Cousin.
tannerfox> cousins is out there because of his experience
JagAlfie> So was Darius...
RasheanMachine> Youth, baby, youth
nsbjag> I believe that Starks athleticism beats out Cousin for the job this year
tannerfox> not his physical attributes
nsbjag> although he is a little soft
tannerfox> Again, all the more reason Cousins is on the field
JagAlfie> I think nickel is a battle between Starks and Webb.
tannerfox> Webb showed he can be special if he works

4. Give me one surprise cut before preseason is over.
tannerfox> pearman
nsbjag> not a surprise, try again
tannerfox> Starks
nsbjag> that would be a surprise
JagAlfie> David Garrard, in favor of Gray after he outperforms him in the preseason again, with Ricard going to No. 3.
nsbjag> crazy but I like it
tannerfox> Garrard is a good back up
JagAlfie> Ok
JagAlfie> So is Starks. And Pearman.
JagAlfie> Back-ups get cut.
tannerfox> He too should get the nod about getting better in his desision making
nsbjag> the only way Garrard gets cut is if they sign Culpepper
RasheanMachine> Nick Sorenson
tannerfox> yep I agree
JagAlfie> I think Sorenson is only a surprise to *his* fans nsbjag> I agree that Sorensen will be cut, he has no ties to the new special teams, and only ties to the bad special teams
JagAlfie> I've got a great one, Laura will love it... :]
nsbjag> don't even say it
nsbjag> don't even
JagAlfie> I'll just say; Estandia can long snap.
JagAlfie> That's all I'll say.
tannerfox> He does have that one thing JDR likes. Brains and desire
nsbjag> I'm trying to prepare her for it
JagAlfie> ^^
RasheanMachine> That was my second choice: Joey Z
nsbjag> Sorry Tanner, Mo Williams doesn't make it through preseason
tannerfox> yep sad to say it joey may be hitting the bricks
tannerfox> Want to bet
nsbjag> salary is too much for a backup
nsbjag> A small wager is okay
tannerfox> relative we will discuss at our next meeting
tannerfox> possible though
JagAlfie> There is no way they keep Williams at $5 mil as a back-up with the need to pay McCray, possibly Leftwich and Williams, and Sensabaugh.
tannerfox> And, where pray tell are they going to get a tackle with mo's experience and skills for less than that
JagAlfie> What skills?
JagAlfie> The skill to require a blocking TE on his side?
tannerfox> The skills that helped our running backs rack up a lot of yards last season

5. Give me your six AFC Playoff teams
JagAlfie> Colts, Jaguars, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Ravens
RasheanMachine> New England, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, San Diego, Cincinnati, Baltimore
tannerfox> Jaguars, ratbirds, San fran, pats, and deep sighhhh don't know
nsbjag> S.F. in the AFC?
nsbjag> Did they do some recent alignment that I'm not privy to?
tannerfox> sorry
tannerfox> I don't pay a lot of attention to other teams as much as y'all
nsbjag> I've got NE, Pitt, Indy, Jax, Denver, S.D.
tannerfox> I don't see Pitt making it
nsbjag> They probably shouldn't on paper, but I think Ben has a huge year
tannerfox> their O line is suspect
nsbjag> Faneca is still there
tannerfox> reluctantly
nsbjag> He'll have a big year in spite of the front office
tannerfox> he wants to go to arizona with his buddys

6. Which Jaguar goes down with a season ending injury in preseason? tannerfox> d. lewis
JagAlfie> A
RasheanMachine> I'll say D. Mike Walker. (gulp)
nsbjag> The correct answer is Reggie Hayward, they will hide him by putting him on the IR again

7. What is the Jaguars road record in '07
    a. 2-6 (like last year)
    b. 4-4
    c. 6-2
    d. other (name it)
tannerfox> d 8-0
nsbjag> homer
JagAlfie> C
nsbjag> homer
RasheanMachine> b. 4-4
nsbjag> pessimist
nsbjag> I think they can win 5 on the road
tannerfox> name caller
tannerfox> you have spent too much time with those national pogues

8. Jagnation "Dead Zone" articles
    a. Keep them coming, I can't survive off of one jaguars.com article/wk.
    b. I'm tired of the same analysis
    c. Please, no more Culpepper talk
    d. Charlie sucks
RasheanMachine> A
JagAlfie> C
tannerfox> a keep em coming
nsbjag> I thought someone would've picked d. for sure

9. Game Day pat-downs
    a. Waste of time
    b. Necessary
    c. They should really check people better
    d. Bring it on! I enjoy large men touching me.
JagAlfie> A
tannerfox> A waste of time
RasheanMachine> A
nsbjag> Once again, I thought one of you would've picked "d"
JagAlfie> can i change to d

Final question: Jaguars division record in '07?
    a. 2-4 (like last year)
    b. 3-3 (damn Texans)
    c. 4-2
    d. better than 4-2
tannerfox> D 5-1 loss to titans
nsbjag> homer
JagAlfie> D - 1 loss to the colts
nsbjag> homer again
RasheanMachine> D. 5-1. Loss to the Colts
nsbjag> three homers
nsbjag> On paper they should go 5-1 or 6-0, but we all know they won't
nsbjag> 4-2 would be good enough to win the division
tannerfox> you think
nsbjag> anything worse may jeopardize the wildcard
tannerfox> **** the wild card. No reason why we shouldn't take our division this year

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