JagNation Chat with Adam Caplan 07.11.07

JagNation chats with NFL Expert Adam Caplan about items concerning the Jaguars and the rest of the league

hi all
nsbjag> Welcome
Jaggator1> Welcome adam
tannerfox> howdy Adam
JagBoop> hi Adam
TheDav> hiya, ac
nsbjag> Any word on Reggie Hayward's progress?
nsbjag> What is the usual timetable on a partially ruptured Achilles?
adamcaplan> He's expected to work once a day
adamcaplan> then possibly on and off
TheDav> sorta like ACL recovery time, innit?
adamcaplan> like practice one day, rest next
adamcaplan> Achilles 6-9 months
adamcaplan> But I wouldn't expect him to be like he was before he got hurt
Jeffuf999> What is the Pats reasoning for re-signing Troy Brown given their offseason WR adds?
adamcaplan> at least the first year back
nsbjag> Makes sense
adamcaplan> Jeff: belichick loves him
adamcaplan> said months ago he had a spot on the tewam
Jeffuf999> But they have what...8 WR's under contract now
adamcaplan> team
adamcaplan> he can return punts, play CB too
adamcaplan> don't forget
nsbjag> Brown has done everything asked of him for a long time
Jeffuf999> I think he plays CB until Asante caves
adamcaplan> So the WR part doesn't matter much
Jaggator1> Which rookies do you see having the biggest impact in the AFC South this season?
nsbjag> good question
adamcaplan> JA: Gonzalez playing slot for IND, Okoye for HOU, and Nelson for JAC
tannerfox> well that covers em
Jeffuf999> What about for Tenn?
tannerfox> what about the safety for Tenn
adamcaplan> JEFF: he's playing CB and that's an adjustment
nsbjag> Will the Colts defense be better this season than last?
adamcaplan> NS: Probably not
adamcaplan> but they're still 1 or 2 in the AFC
adamcaplan> NE is better
nsbjag> On defense?
adamcaplan> NS: Both sides
nsbjag> I can agree with that
adamcaplan> as far as improvement
tannerfox> suprise
Jaggator1> Will Vince Young continue his rise or be exposed as a one trick pony like I think he is?
adamcaplan> But Maroney needs to be ready
nsbjag> Do you think S.D. will fall off w/ a new coach?
adamcaplan> JAG: Bad WR corps
adamcaplan> that could be a problem
tannerfox> maroney is a good young back I think
adamcaplan> TAN: Very good but needs to prove he can stay healthy
adamcaplan> NS: I would be concerned, that team needs to be pushed
Jeffuf999> What impact do you see Darius having with the Raiders this year?
tannerfox> can say that about any NFL running back when talking injury can't you?
RasheanMachine> Have we seen the last of Rod Smith in Denver?
adamcaplan> JEFF: More depth than anything
adamcaplan> RASH: Stokley may move ahead of him
RobbC> Who takes Gaither in the supplimental draft?
pigskinpimp23> Any Rumors on Jags and a Veteran DE or are they content to run w/ what they have...
Jaggator1> good question.
adamcaplan> ROBB: No one can say at this point but the area is probably 6-7th orund
adamcaplan> round
Jeffuf999> Does Thurman get reinstated for Cincy, and does he have a job when he does?
adamcaplan> PIG: You could see them sign a veteran DE in the middle of camp for depth
Jaggator1> I hope so.
adamcaplan> JEFF: They will play that by ear if he does, they really don't need him that much now
adamcaplan> they're set at MLB
OutaPlaceJagsFan> Is Culpepper healthy enough to compete this season
Jeffuf999> Yeah, coincidentally with a supplemental pick from last year in Ahmad Brooks
adamcaplan> OUT: The sense is that he could start season on PUP
pigskinpimp23> Who do you think has a better year...Jones Drew or Reggie Bush!!!!!!
adamcaplan> JEF: He still needs to improve some but he's on his way
tannerfox> lol
adamcaplan> PIG: Bush
adamcaplan> but MJD will be solid
adamcaplan> can't wait to see how they use him
nsbjag> Bush should get more touches
RasheanMachine> Jason Whitlock recently wrote a piece on Priest Holmes, that he hasn't filed his retirement papers yet. What is Priest waiting for, and can Kolby Smith, Michael Bennett, and Derrick Ross be serviceable backups to LJ?
pigskinpimp23> How did I guess you would say that!!!
adamcaplan> RASH: No idea, he hasn't gotten cleared to play
tannerfox> anyway they want to. He is that versatile
adamcaplan> NS: Correct
nsbjag> If you could change any NFL rule, what would it be?
RobbC> good question
Jeffuf999> I am not sold on Bush getting more touches, they added Meachem and Pittman to an already loaded offense
RasheanMachine> Will Mark Bulger flee to Detroit to reunite with Mike Martz next year?
adamcaplan> NS: OT for one
adamcaplan> I like the college rule
tannerfox> count on bush getting more touchs He caught 80 some balls last season as a rookie
nsbjag> me too
adamcaplan> RASH: Doubt it
adamcaplan> They need bulger
Jeffuf999> Exactly tanner, how many more can he get?
adamcaplan> and don't want to take a step back
tannerfox> sky's the limit
adamcaplan> TAN: Although Bush doesn't run well inside at all
Jeffuf999> Only so many balls to go around
nsbjag> I can't see the Rams letting him go, they should franchise him if a deal can't get done
adamcaplan> that he needs to improve on
tannerfox> we have not seen him play to his potential yet. Towards the end of the season he was taking it up the middle pretty good
adamcaplan> NS: They don't want to start over at QB
nsbjag> Do the Bucs part ways with Chris Simms anytime soon?
Jaggator1> I just want to see Jones Drew "blow up" when we play the Saints and the Jags D contain Bush.
Jeffuf999> Who is your sleeper team for this year?
tannerfox> me too
Jaggator1> tan...who was "taking it up the middle" ?LIOL!
tannerfox> bush
adamcaplan> NS: No
tannerfox> look at his stats the last few games
Jaggator1> LOL! Sorry.
adamcaplan> although Garcia will start this season
tannerfox> controls the football more
pigskinpimp23> I will lay money Jones drew will double Bush's TD Total....I will bet a casr of Yuengling up to 5 takers!!!!!!
nsbjag> Do you think Kelly Holcomb can be a solid #2 this season, somewhere?
nsbjag> I'll take that bet
tannerfox> c me in person
RasheanMachine> Do you see the 49ers winning the NFC West this year? Their arrow seems to be pointing up big time.
adamcaplan> NS: Other than Minny, probably not
adamcaplan> RASH: Very close, I could pick them depending on how they look in camp
nsbjag> Will you be visiting Jaguars camp this year?
RobbC> Adam, do you have your training camp schedule for Jax yet?
tannerfox> say yes
RobbC> lol
Jeffuf999> wow, are you two sharing a brain tonight?
adamcaplan> NS: I doubt it
nsbjag> We usually take turns
tannerfox> well there goes the objectivity
Jaggator1> Could you see Mike Walker being a starter for the Jags on opening day?
nsbjag> Heat and humidity scare you off? LOL
RobbC> Charlie had his brainstorm of the year today ;)
Jeffuf999> So who will be coming to Jax to cover camp then?
adamcaplan> JAG: not that soon but not out of the question at some point this year
tannerfox> has you to give him his insider stuff
RasheanMachine> What do you think of Andre Wadsworth trying to make the Jets roster? Shouldn't he just give it up already?
nsbjag> Me and Robb
adamcaplan> Also, one of those top three WRs could be dealt by the end of camp
adamcaplan> not out of the question
adamcaplan> Minnesota could look to get one
RobbC> Robb and I (Mr. Editor-in-chief )
Jaggator1> Interesting...
nsbjag> I was waiting for someone to catch that
tannerfox> charlie does great
nsbjag> He sucks
tannerfox> takes a compliment well too
nsbjag> Funny
Jeffuf999> He is a tad elitist for my tastes
Jeffuf999> :)
adamcaplan> RASH: He has done well for himself off the field but he feels the need to play but has had over 10 surgeries to that knee
tannerfox> trying to be
TheDav> he's not elitist...he's stuck up. LMAO
Jeffuf999> I was being as polite as possible
RobbC> Adam, when someone mentions Leon Searcy, what comes to mind?
tannerfox> applause
nsbjag> Thanks everyone
nsbjag> good question
pigskinpimp23> Jeff No disrespect Charlie!!!!They wont waste money sending anyone to cover Litte old Jacksonville the sewage city of the South!!!!
RasheanMachine> Do you foresee the Vikings using Adrian Peterson in much the same capacity that the Saints did with Reggie Bush? Lots of receptions, etc.?
adamcaplan> ROBB: Was once a dominant OT
tannerfox> now bow
Jeffuf999> Will another scout.com NFL guy be coming to Jags camp and if so, who?
RobbC> no
adamcaplan> JEF: I doubt it
nsbjag> Just us
Jeffuf999> That's pretty sad
Jaggator1> They should. No one knows Jax exists outside the southeast
nsbjag> Who is the OROY this year?
adamcaplan> I'd love to go but they don't have it in the budget to send me
tannerfox> Just win baby
pigskinpimp23> Silver said it best what the rest of the NFL sportswriters think of Jax
Jeffuf999> I know they are, but pretty sad that they are an NFL site yet they don't cover all teams equally
RobbC> lol
tannerfox> hard to gain respext with an 8-8 record
Jeffuf999> You earn respect
nsbjag> Respect is earned on the field, not incamp
Jeffuf999> yes, I beat Charlie to it
RobbC> Boselli, Smith... name the third best former Jaguar....
adamcaplan> NS: Ask me at the end of August
Jeffuf999> I am gonna pull a Costanza and leave on a high note
tannerfox> darius
adamcaplan> ROBB: Bryan Schwartz
adamcaplan> .....kidding
nsbjag> There were three good Jaguars?
adamcaplan> but he was decent
nsbjag> J/K
RobbC> lol
TheDav> Harry Colon
Jeffuf999> Coulda been worse, he could have said Soward
adamcaplan> I went old school
RasheanMachine> Will the Bears deal Alex Brown anytime soon?
nsbjag> Good question
OutaPlaceJagsFan> They'll be here next year for sure!!!
tannerfox> just win baby
adamcaplan> RASH: By the end of August he should be gone
tannerfox> draws writers like flys
RobbC> they like the waffle houses
Jeffuf999> Yeah, 12 wins sure drew them here last year, huh tanner?
nsbjag> One and done in the playoffs
tannerfox> don't say that. charlie will not do well at the waffle house
nsbjag> In '05
adamcaplan> AFC is so strong, hard to see JAGs getting more than 10 wins
nsbjag> relax
Jeffuf999> Charlie is a Cracker Barrel guy I am sure
nsbjag> Denny's Original Grand Slam
RobbC> ::bites tongue:: my own
RasheanMachine> Does Jerrious Norwood take over the #1 spot from Warrick Dunn this season?
tannerfox> good question rash
adamcaplan> RASH: Dunn will likely start but look for a RBBC
adamcaplan> Norwood is a 10-12 carry a game RB
adamcaplan> could be more if he can prove he's strong enough physicalluy
nsbjag> Will Houston be better in '07?
adamcaplan> NS: Yes because of the new QB
tannerfox> hmmmmm after one season
adamcaplan> 5-6 wins
nsbjag> Are you counting one or two of those wins vs. Jax?
RasheanMachine> Texans will finish ahead of the Titans. Mark it down.
nsbjag> I agree
Jaggator1> Is it really the OL in Houston or was it the qb?
tannerfox> houston is houston there o line still needs help
adamcaplan> NS: Ha, scary
adamcaplan> JAG: They will have mostly same ol and better RB in Ahman Green
nsbjag> They need a WR to play opposite AJ
adamcaplan> TE is good too
Jeffuf999> But how much does Green really have left?
RasheanMachine> Daniels is a nice find
nsbjag> Owen Daniels
OutaPlaceJagsFan> Lets get back to that "not getting more than 10 wins" thing.
adamcaplan> NS: Agreed although Walter decent
adamcaplan> they need speed there
tannerfox> as much as the O line gives him
adamcaplan> But HOU D is terrible
nsbjag> I'd be pleased w/ 10 W's
RasheanMachine> Texans have $30 million of dead money this year. Ewwww.
adamcaplan> RASH: could actually be a little more
nsbjag> Almost unbelievable
Jeffuf999> They are paying for 3 Jags retirements right now as part of that $30 million
tannerfox> they have a good young linebacker
nsbjag> those were bad contracts
adamcaplan> NS: and I have talked to Casserly a few times, couldn't bring that up
tannerfox> hind sight is always best
RasheanMachine> LOL
nsbjag> Horrible contracts
adamcaplan> nice guy but his record speaks for itself
nsbjag> Very Snyder-like
adamcaplan> anyway, I have to run, see you in a few weeks
RasheanMachine> Thanks, Adam
nsbjag> Thanks Adam
pigskinpimp23> 10 wins will probably only get a wild card this year
Jeffuf999> Thanks Adam
nsbjag> likely
JagBoop> bye, thank you Adam
RobbC> thx
TheDav> thanks, adam...catch u next time
tannerfox> thanks for your time Adam
RasheanMachine> thanks, adam

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