New Jaguar Scouting Report - Tony Pashos

The Jaguars saw the need to upgrade the right side of their offensive line after the '06 season, and struck quickly and abruptly in the first day of free agency, when they signed former Baltimore Ravens right tackle Tony Pashos to a five-year, $24 million contract with $10 million in signing bonus money.

As we all know, it is somewhat difficult to evaluate an offensive lineman if you haven't watched a team closely, being that there aren't really any stats that are readily available. What we have at Jagnation is the ability to ask NFL team experts about certain players that they covered, and that's exactly what we did. Here's what Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson had to say about Pashos:

"Tony Pashos is a tough technician who always gives his best effort. Pashos is not the most nimble athlete, but has worked extremely hard to make himself into a highly competent blocker. He is more of a run blocker than a pass blocker, but he can hold his own against good pass rushers. Pashos knows his limitations and has gotten himself into great shape, losing about 50 pounds since he entered the NFL, to be the most agile, mobile right tackle he can be. He has leadership qualities, strong opinions and is a team-first guy at all times. Good quote for reporters, too."

Aaron Wilson covers the Baltimore Ravens for the Carroll County Times and the Annapolis Capital.

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