JagNation Rookie Q&A: Mike Walker

Former UCF Wide Receiver Mike Walker is one of ten wide receivers on the Jaguars roster for trainings camp. Find out what qualifies him as "one to watch" in this exclusive interview with JagNation's Robb Chamberlain

Robb Chamberlain: What was your reaction to being chosen in the third round by the Jaguars?

Mike Walker: It felt good to hear my name period. It was a dream come true, a blessing, and I'm just happy to be here.

RC: Being from the Central Florida area, do you plan on a strong contingent of family and friends for gameday?

MW: Oh man... I've been getting phone calls almost every day about tickets. It's crazy.

RC: Did you grow up a fan of a certain NFL team?

MW: Not really, just the players. I liked Jerry Rice and the 49ers since he played for them.

RC: So then, is he the person you'd say you most model your game after?

MW: Absolutely, Jerry Rice, best receiver in the world to me.

RC: You looked great at minicamp, do you expect that same kind of success when you put pads on?

MW: Definitely. I've played football all my life. With pads, without pads. It's football. A lot of people say pads change a lot of things. That's when you're in high school, but once you've played college ball nothing really changes.

RC: Is there a receiver on the team that has helped you out?

WR: Dennis Northcutt, a veteran who just critiques everything we do. I watch him a lot, he does everything the right way and helps me out a little bit with my routes or whatever I'm doing wrong.

RC: You tore your ACL at the end of the 2005 season and had a huge year in 2006, which is almost unheard of. You also had impressive numbers at the combine. Do you think the injury kept you from being a first round pick?

MW: Before I got hurt, I was top 5 or top 10 in the country. But everything happens for a reason. I got hurt... tore my ACL. But I came back with a knee brace on and still did pretty good. Without those knee issues, it would have been a no-brainer.

RC: I know the team was a little careful with you in minicamp, making sure you received enough rest on that knee. Did you experience any swelling or pain in it? Were they just being overly cautious?

MW: No, it was just my first time out of the knee brace and my first minicamp. We had 5 practice in 3 days, a lot of work. I didn't have any pain. They said just step back, there's no use overdoing it. It's just training camp and I have a whole season to get through. They just made sure I got my reps.

RC: You've been compared to former Jaguar great Jimmy Smith. Do you think you can fill that role?

MW: I'm hoping so. I believe in myself. I'm just going to work at it and work at it, and see what happens.

RC: What role do you think you'll fill?

MW: I don't know. I'm hoping to be the "Go To" guy. I can't settle for anything less. I always set my goals high. So, we'll see.

RC: Thanks Mike. See you at training camp.

MW: Thank you

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