Weekend Jaguar Training Camp Recap

As everyone knows, training camp has officially begun, and the excitement about the Jaguars 2007 season is certainly in the air.

The four practices from Saturday and Sunday were of the non-contact variety, so there really wasn't too much that we can learn from them. That being said, here are some guys that get a "thumbs up", and "thumbs down" from the weekend. Keep in mind that roster spots aren't won in the first weekend of camp.

Thumbs up:

Mike Walker- Walker made outstanding catches all weekend long, and dropped very few balls. He ran crisp routes, and looks like a number one guy. Walker went one on one against Jaguars starting corner, Brian Williams, and absolutely embarrassed Williams. That being said, it's the first weekend, and lets see what he does when hitting is allowed.

Byron Leftwich- Anyone who witnessed practice saw that there is clearly no QB controversy in Jacksonville. Leftwich was mostly accurate, with the exception of a few poor throws which can be attributed to rust. Leftwich has improved his footwork, shortened his release ever so slightly, and looks like he's in great shape.

Dennis Northcutt- All Northcutt did this weekend is run nice routes and catch the football. Northcutt had a few drops in the PM session, but looked great overall.

Greg Estandia- Estandia looks a lot like former Jaguars TE Kyle Brady, but Estandia can catch. Estandia showed some burst and nastiness, and he will be a load for any DB or LB to tackle.

Reggie Hayward- Although Hayward and the rest of the defense didn't compete in too many drills that showed off their skills, Hayward looked quick, and had no noticeable limp.

James Wyche- Wyche was fast off the edge, and looked like he can certainly affect the passer. We'll see more of where Wyche is at this week when the offensive line can make some contact.

Thumbs down:

David Garrard- Garrard was erratic all weekend long, and the battle between he and Lester Ricard was a lot closer than that between he and Leftwich. That being said, QB's are usually pretty rusty at this point in camp.

Matt   Jones- Jones dropped some balls, didn't run crisp routes, and really didn't seem any better than last season. The good news is that there is plenty of time for Jones to improve.

Ernest Wilford- With his job on the line, Wilford didn't do anything to really stand out in a positive manner. Wilford dropped plenty of balls, but he did make a couple nice catches. He is facing some serious competition for a roster spot and he must improve if he's going to stay employed by Wayne Weaver.

Brian Williams- Williams played very well last season, so this shouldn't be of too much concern, but he was flat out destroyed in the PM session by rookie Mike Walker.

George Wrighster/Quinn Gray- Both Wrighster and Gray didn't participate this weekend with shoulder and ankle injuries respectively. With the emergence of Estandia, and the signing of Couch, it would be in both Wrighster and Gray's best interests to hit the practice field as soon as possible, or they could both be looking for work elsewhere next month.

Other notes:

- Greg Jones showed a nice burst of speed when running in straight lines. We'll see how that knee responds to cutting.

- John Broussard is fast! He's also not afraid (yet) to go over the middle, and his hands are pretty good. Broussard will push Wilford for a roster spot.

- Tony Pashos showed great leadership when he took time out after practice to work with young guys like Sam Gutekunst and Pete McMahon. Pashos spent at least a half-hour working with these guys, and showed real leadership.

- Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor stayed behind after Saturday night's practice to run extra sprints.

- Dirk Koetter's offense has a lot of motion, and a lot of short passes to tight ends.

- Coach Mike Shula has worked tirelessly with all the quarterbacks on their footwork, and there has been a lot of rollouts installed in the playbook

- Reggie Nelson looks very fast on defense

- Ernest Wilford left Sunday night's practice with a very noticeable limp

- Mike Peterson looks very healthy, and fast

- Marcedes Lewis has dropped a lot of balls early on

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