JagNation Press Pass: WR Charles Sharon


(do you feel like you have gotten a lot better as a player then what we saw last year, to the point where you can make a major impact this year?) "Yeah I think I've gotten a little better. We still have a lot of stuff to work on like fundamental and working on the techniques, but I think I've gotten a lot better just taking coaching and picking up on defenses. Knowing how to do this on what route and blocking better."

(is the coaching you are getting now different from what you were getting last season?) "I thinks it is the same, it is just that coach (Todd) Monken is more energetic, running around that is just his style of coaching but he gets his job done. Coach (Steve) Walters was more laid back but he still got his point across."

(what do you think it would take for you to make the difference to the point where you can separate yourself from the pack and make the team?) "I just got to keep doing the little things I've been doing. Coach says he likes what I'm doing and all I can do is focus on just trying to do much harder and just keep my trust in the Lord that he would just lead me in the right direction."

(what would it mean for you to establish yourself in basically your home town?) "It would be great even if it wasn't here in Jacksonville. I just love the game of football. I'm just privileged to be here."

(do you like the fact that it seems that you are the guy everyone seems to watch to see how you do?) "It really doesn't bother me if I can lead by example that's what I'll do. I'm not that talkative a guy so I'll keep going and if coach likes what he sees I'll keep doing it that much harder."

(what is the difference between your play from a year ago and now?) "I can say a lot of hard work and opportunity. I think I took advantage of it just by doing a lot of little things like a receiver is suppose to run routes catch the ball, just going out and doing my job."

(do you feel like you are ready to succeed if given a starting job on the team?) "Right now I'm in training camp mode so every step everyday I'm trying to get better so when the season hits I want to be in my tip top so if I'm in that starting position I can just go ahead and do my job there or if I'm a backup or playing special teams I can just go from there."

(does it mean anything to you that you played on the ones today?) "It means a lot to me just to be on the football team because I wasn't drafted or anything so I'm just happy to be here."

(what were you thinking last year around this time?) "(I was thinking about) which football team I'd be on and then if I get my foot in the door I just got to go got to go I mean go hard or go home is what I like to say."

(when you got to Jacksonville what were you thinking?) "Just try to impress the coaches doing the things that I did in college and if they want me to do this I'll do that."

(do you feel undervalued by not being drafted?) "I don't think so. You know everybody got the type of receiver they want and they probably where not looking for the type of receiver I am. I try to be the all around, do the little things from running good routes catching every ball and just critiquing myself."

(is there any change in your focus after two receivers where drafted?) "No, you still got to perform out on the field. You can't let all that get to you, you still got to do only the things you can control."

(what do you think you can do to get a starting position?) "As coach says, 'he got toughness, effort, no excuses and finishing.' If I can just do that and all the things we do on the football field I think I'll be alright."

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