JagNation Press Pass: Reggie Hayward


(was is your goal to be ready for the first day of training camp?) "Oh yeah, we've been working very hard to get me out there. We took it easy in the mini camps and the OTAs, but we were planning to get out there the first day, getting to moving around and getting back to where needed to be at a soon that the season started that was our objective to come out the first day a warm up."

(is the explosion the biggest difference you are trying to get back?) "No, the biggest difference is trying to keep down the pain and the swelling. As far as explosion and getting off the ball, it felt good it felt like I didn't lose a step. It felt like I could move and cut it responded very well, but just like time right now when I'm not doing anything it has a time to sit and swell up and I don't want it to be painful."

(is it realistic for you or fans to expect you to be back to the form you were two years ago?) "The injury happened; it has almost been a year so the injury happened a while ago. I think people lose track of time because at the end of the season they start to think that I got hurt, but I got hurt at the very beginning of the season so it has been a long time. I think the people can expect for me to be out there and be just as effective as I was my first year here."

(are there concerns that you could reinjure or damage the surgical repair?) "It's one of those deals where it's fixed and there is no risk. The surgeon told me that I had about a one percent chance of damaging it again."

(does that make you more confident?) "Yeah, it's just the confidence and knowing that some time you have to train your mind to get back to where it was after a major injury like that. You can tell someone that it is repaired one hundred percent but mentally they might not think that. Right now it's just the fact I'm getting out there I'm getting used to playing football."

(did you injure the good one?) "I blew out the good one, the left one, the other one hurts, so it's a slow race. We will see if I have any problems or if I'm not feeling well I'll let them know and they will adjust it and do whatever they need to do."

(do you plan to go both sessions or just one?) "The first one was just light for me I plan on doing more then what I did in the second practice."

(Jack Del Rio was talking about doing the Oklahoma drills on Monday are you participating?) "I don't think that I will. I'm crossing my fingers, but I don't think I'm going to be in there."

(is there a certain match up you would like to see?) "No, there is no one I'm pointing out or anything. Everyone is excited to put on the pads, it's going to be good, it's going to be fun. The Oklahoma drills is something, in my personal opinion, it's something just to get the fans involved. It's difficult to tackle somebody inside bags. It's something for the fans and they should love it and it gives us a chance to compete which everyone loves to do. So everyone is going to go out there and do the drill."

(is there a percentage on where you are physically and where you are mentally?) "No, not really, I feel good mentally and physically. I just wanted to say that I'm not going to say 90 or 85 percent because I feel good and I felt good today I just want to play football and where just going to build on that."

(is Bobby McCray's career year last season a motivating factor?) "Bobby motivates me because he had an excellent last year and I'm very happy for him and I want him to have a great one this year. I appreciate people that come to work, work hard, and do what they have to do. There are two (defensive) ends not just one. It's not like he can't play when I play and I can't play when he plays. I have always encouraged Bobby. I have always told him that he is a great talent and it would be a waste if he doesn't go out there and perform to his ability. I'm going to do what I have to do I have always played with great players. Bobby's a great player and I'm a great player so I'm going to play."

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