JagNation Chat: Adam Caplan 08/01/07

JagNation Chats with NFL Expert Adam Caplan 08/01/2007

AdamCaplan> hi all
nsbjag> welcome Adam
AdamCaplan> I got a really good detailed report from a good team source so fire away

tannerfox> Do you think Culpepper has a chance to start in Oakland
AdamCaplan> TAN: Yes, McCown has been poor so yes

Jeffuf999> What's your thought on Couch, camp arm or legit chance to make the team?
AdamCaplan> JEFF: they would have to deal away one of the top three
AdamCaplan> for him to make it
AdamCaplan> they still like Gray
tannerfox> couch is an arm
AdamCaplan> It wouldn't surprise me if Garrard is dealt.
Jeffuf999> That would make me ecstatic Adam
nsbjag> Garrard has been horrible in camp

Jeffuf999> We haven't heard any story behind Gray's ankle injury, have you?
AdamCaplan> JEFF: He's on active PUP so he can come off at any time
Jeffuf999> I just haven't heard them say if it was a football related injury to Gray or something else

RasheanMachine> When will the Bears finally part with Alex Brown? It was reported today that he is definitely unhappy with losing his starting job to Mark Anderson.
AdamCaplan> RASH: Before the end of the month probably
AdamCaplan> they know they have to move him

RobbC> Dennis Norman stepping in for Meester... your thoughts Adam?
AdamCaplan> ROBB: One of the better backup OLs in the NFL, very smart, can start for a short time but the longer it takes for Meester to come back the more he gets excposed.
AdamCaplan> Jags did a good thing they extended Norman's deal

RasheanMachine> Given how Leftwich has really bought into Dirk Koetter's pass-happy system, do you really believe he will be gone after this season if he succeeds in staying healthy and exceeding expectations?
AdamCaplan> RASH: We're talking no games being played, before we start believing in Leftwich, lets see how he does the rest of camp and in the pre-season games
AdamCaplan> But BL's weight is down and he's moving well and throwing well
AdamCaplan> and his accuracy has been good
RobbC> Say it's not so :)

RasheanMachine> Northcutt and Leftwich are developing some good chemistry early on
AdamCaplan> RASH: As I noted in one of chats a while back, he'll work the slot well
AdamCaplan> Keep in mind on QBS, you can't touch them in practice so we have to see when the real bullets fly but so far, so good.

Jeffuf999> What's your take on Strahan, seriously thinking retirement or trying to get more money?
AdamCaplan> JEFF: I talked to a source close to him today who told me he's not happy with the way the GM bad mouthed him last week to the media.
AdamCaplan> And I don't think Coughlin helped either

nsbjag> I imagine he'd be pretty irate if they signed Simeon Rice
RasheanMachine> Strahan is a diva. You can't overpay a guy his age just because he needs more cash for funding his divorce.
AdamCaplan> RASH: Actually, he doesn't need the money, he'll have a TV deal lined up tomorrow if he retires
tannerfox> he probably just wants to skip training camp
AdamCaplan> TAN: That's part of it
RasheanMachine> Osi is in Coughlin's doghouse now. I was joking about Strahan. :-)

RasheanMachine> What's your take on Fred Taylor approaching 10,000 rushing yards? Is the "Fragile Fred" label fair for a guy that is in a fairly elite class and has the 5th best yards per carry average within that group? Your thoughts.....
AdamCaplan> RASH:Taylor has done a good job of taking care of himself, some of his injuries were not preventable

Jeffuf999> Can Priest Holmes have an impact for the Chiefs this year?
AdamCaplan> JEFF: Sure, on third downs and keeping LJ fresh which is a big issue
nsbjag> Cincinnati intrigues me, will their secondary be any better with Leon Hall?
AdamCaplan> NS: Safety play has to improve too
AdamCaplan> Jon Joseph isn't ready yet so they need him to get on the field soon
AdamCaplan> Kaesviharn was a nice backup but the Saints overpaid for him

RasheanMachine> I know we've witnessed holdouts in the past, but is Brady Quinn doing the right thing at this point in your opinion?
AdamCaplan> RASH: It's about a few issues with Quinn, but he's a QB and wants QB money, he won't get it

nsbjag> I initially thought Pittsburgh would win that division, but I really like the Bengals
AdamCaplan> NS: BAL looks best then PIT
AdamCaplan> CIN then CLE

nsbjag> I think Baltimore takes a step back, just a feeling
AdamCaplan> NS: Losing AT hurts
RasheanMachine> and pashos, too
nsbjag> as well as Pashos and the age of McNair
AdamCaplan> NS: Not as much but sure, they have to play another young OL
AdamCaplan> Demetrius Williams though will help their passing game
Jeffuf999> Their defense isn't young anymore, Lewis, Rolle, McAllister are all getting to the ppoint where they break down

nsbjag> I think Indy's secondary will be better in '07, and their defense will be better overall, despite the losses, what do you think?
AdamCaplan> NS: Very young at CB, Jackson is physical but slow

RasheanMachine> Mike Martz was recently gushing about Tatum Bell. Can he succeed in Detroit and be a Marshall Faulk type back in that system?
AdamCaplan> RASH: Excellent change of pace RB
AdamCaplan> can't be a starter though
AdamCaplan> will work well with Kevin Jones

nsbjag> Over/Under- Atlanta 6 wins?
AdamCaplan> NS: under
RasheanMachine> i say 3 wins
nsbjag> I wish I would've known all this when i was in Vegas last month
AdamCaplan> NS: lol
AdamCaplan> They could trade for Kelly Holcomb
nsbjag> That would make sense, Holcomb is odd man out in Philly
AdamCaplan> NS: He'll be gone by the end of the month
AdamCaplan> as will Ryan Moats
nsbjag> Very strong roster
AdamCaplan> I was at Eagles camp today
AdamCaplan> McNabb looked good
nsbjag> Fred Gibson their #1 WR?
AdamCaplan> hot as hell, about 95
Jeffuf999> Gotta love Allentown and Lehigh University, eh Adam?
nsbjag> Dorney Park
AdamCaplan> Eagle WRs are solid at the top
AdamCaplan> backups have issues
RasheanMachine> How is Hank Baskett looking?

tannerfox> We are benefiting from Vick being gone and Denver's injuries in the early part of the season. They will get healthy again
AdamCaplan> DEN should be really good

jagsfan321654> Going back to Leftwich what do you think the Jags do with him if he stays healthy all year and plays good? If he leaves who do you see starting for the Jags next year?
AdamCaplan> JAG: I don't see why he would be back based on how the team has felt about him
AdamCaplan> If Peter King is right, Leftwich turned down a three year deal
AdamCaplan> hard to believe
zalomar12> you mean Culpepper
nsbjag> Very hard to believe

RobbC> Do you really believe Jack is on the hot seat THIS season, or does it just make good radio? ;)
nsbjag> LOL
AdamCaplan> ROBB: I hope you're joking
AdamCaplan> there isn't a coach in the AFC that is more on the hotseat
RobbC> half joking, thus the half wink
nsbjag> Romeo?
AdamCaplan> despite being a very good coach, everyone in the league knows he's in trouble

Jeffuf999> The fans are definitely behind Byron though, Monday night's camp showed that
nsbjag> That's a small sample

tannerfox> The question is? Can a healthy Byron who does well this season get more money else where?
AdamCaplan> TAN: He is what he is, I don't think teams will over pay for him
nsbjag> Good question
jagsfan321654> So if Leftwich is gone next year who do you see Starting for the Jags?
nsbjag> Tim Couch LOL
tannerfox> Gray
AdamCaplan> JAG: Someone from another team
RobbC> If I hear Couch one more time.. I'm burning mine.
AdamCaplan> I can't see a rookie doing it
Phatcat53> couch
nsbjag> Kelly Holcomb
AdamCaplan> NS: A veteran though Holcomb isn't what you would want
nsbjag> I was just joking
OutaPlaceJagsFan> Byron will be here and so will Jack
AdamCaplan> OUT: I would be surprised if both are back
AdamCaplan> But if Del Rio isn't back, he'll be the hotest name on the market
tannerfox> nothing suprises me when it comes to the JDR Lefty soap opera
OutaPlaceJagsFan> I believe the rift is way over blown
tannerfox> Probably could still get Brady Quinn if he continues to hold out
tannerfox> lol

nsbjag> Final WR spot, Wilford or Broussard?
Phatcat53> Which one do you think has the better chance?
jagsfan321654> Broussard
RasheanMachine> agreed
AdamCaplan> NS: You're assuming Walker keeps it up in the games
AdamCaplan> if Walker does win a spot, Wilford is gone
nsbjag> He has to make the roster, he's a first day pick
tannerfox> in the games is where it will be answered.
Jeffuf999> He is a 3rd round pick, not going anywhere
nsbjag> that runs a 4.35/40
AdamCaplan> NS: He never ran that fast
RasheanMachine> with wilford's continued drops, it's not looking good
zalomar12> No way Walker doesn't make it unless he loses interest or something like that
nsbjag> Wilford can't catch a cold these days
AdamCaplan> RASH: I can't see Wilford making it
AdamCaplan> too bad, still have no idea what happened last year
AdamCaplan> two years ago he was really good
nsbjag> I would bet my salary that Walker is on the team
tannerfox> production and performance speaks louder than past accomplishments when it comes to rookies in the NFL
Phatcat53> your salary here?
nsbjag> My entire salary
jagsfan321654> We almost have to keep Broussard as he will get snatched up of the practice squad quickly
AdamCaplan> And as slow as he is, he was able to get open
AdamCaplan> oh well
nsbjag> Last year, the entire passing game struggled w/ Garrard in

RasheanMachine> How will the Larry Johnson soap opera end?
AdamCaplan> RASH: IF he's willing to be reasonable, he'll get a new deal
Phatcat53> If he's not reasonable where would he land LJ?
AdamCaplan> KC and LJ are really far apart
nsbjag> Would they trade him?
nsbjag> NYG?
RasheanMachine> packers?
AdamCaplan> NYG likes Jacobs
Phatcat53> GBP?
AdamCaplan> RASH: GB
AdamCaplan> sure
nsbjag> makes sense
AdamCaplan> they don't have a starter
AdamCaplan> now
tannerfox> anywhere he could be afforded he would be welcome
Phatcat53> We have cap room J/k
RasheanMachine> and morency is hurt now, so it's noah herron and brandon jackson. ouch.
Phatcat53> Who?
AdamCaplan> RASH: Exactly
RasheanMachine> those are the packers RBs, phatcat
Phatcat53> :sarcasm:
RasheanMachine> gotcha. ;-)

jagsfan321654> Does TO reak havoc in the Cowboys locker room this year?
tannerfox> T.O. will light it up this year. jmo
AdamCaplan> JAG: Funny, I was talking about that on sirius, I bet he does the first game where he doesn't get enough passes coming his way.

Phatcat53> what do you think SD does this year?
AdamCaplan> PH: Don't like the new coaches much but they will be good

nsbjag> Can all the Pats WR's coexist peacefully?
AdamCaplan> NS: Moss got hurt today, but yes, they like to spread it around

AdamCaplan> I will say this, if Leftwich is good and healthy, Jags can win a game in the playoffs or go further
AdamCaplan> you know the running game will be good
nsbjag> I think so
AdamCaplan> passing game is the issue
AdamCaplan> Defensively, pressure on QB
RasheanMachine> Alex Brown. Alex Brown.
AdamCaplan> Jags are always intriguing
nsbjag> Can beat anyone in a given week or lose to anyone
RobbC> see, adam's coming around ;) another half wink
AdamCaplan> Ns: Pretty much so
AdamCaplan> But that's been the case the last few years
AdamCaplan> you never know what you will get from them
AdamCaplan> that's the problem

zalomar12> What's Stallworth's injury outlook?
AdamCaplan> ZA: day to day

AdamCaplan> All: Good chat, see you next time
RobbC> Thanks for your time Adam

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