Camping with FBT: 08/03/07 - AM Session

Okay, there is a scrimmage tonight. So, it should really come as no surprise that the practice this morning was laid back. The first indication that there was not going to be a lot of action to watch this morning was the lack of helmets on the field.

The players took the practice field in shorts, shirts, and an assortment of Jaguar hats for a brief practice that resembled more of a walk through, going through drills at half to three quarter speed.

The only real newsworthy item to come out of the practice today was the return of Quinn Gray, who participated in the practice this morning. He continues to display the big arm, although the type of throwing that the offense was involved with today was more about just getting it to the target, improving route running, and coverage techniques. Still, Gray looks poised to make what would normally be a little watched competition an interesting one as he and Tim Couch will battle it out for that third quarterback spot.

None of the receivers dropped a single pass. Granted, coverage consisted of a simple pat on the back after the pass was completed, so there was no real press for the receivers to deal with. The only pass that was not completed to an offensive player was one that was thrown badly off target by Lester Ricard. The ball was intercepted reluctantly by Jamar Landrom.

Byron Leftwich and Dennis Northcutt continue to work on their timing, even at less than full speed, connecting several times on deep crosses and slant patterns.

Ernest Wilford clearly feels the pressure this year, and had what could be considered a good practice based on the way he was really focusing on his route running and tracking the ball. While it was not a full speed practice, it was a good opportunity for him to really target some areas where he needed to continue to improve. He spent a good bit of time on the sideline actually seeking out Monken and having conversations with him discussing routes. It was one of the few interesting things to watch.

One interesting note from the practice session aside from the return of Quinn Gray was the fact that Matt   Jones worked almost exclusively with the second or third team offenses for the bulk of the practice.

Aside from those tidbits, there really was not a whole lot to discuss about the practice session this morning.

The scrimmage will more than make up for that this evening.

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