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It seems Tim Couch has quite a following. This section will contain posts of any updates we have on his performance or status with the team.


Gray vs. Couch for the team's No. 3 quarterback spot: Gray looks ready to return to action this week to contend with Couch for the team's No. 3 spot. Gray still feels he should be competing for a starting role, but at this point, he needs to worry about holding off Couch, who would save the Jaguars about $700,000 in cap money if they were to opt for the former No. 1 pick of the Browns over Gray.

Quarterback Tim Couch who played in his first game in three years, looked like he hasn't played football in three years. His numbers didn't look horrible, 2/4, 11 yards, but he didn't seem to have much field presence and his throws weren't very sharp. Although Jaguars quarterback Quinn Gray didn't play in tonight's game, he probably moved himself up in the depth chart with Couch's performance.

Reps are increasing for Couch

From Stigma:
Tim threw more this afternoon than he has all week. Couch had maybe 20 snaps, which for him is pretty good

FBT Report:
Tim Couch hit D'Juan Woods on a short out in the end zone for a touchdown.

When Tim Couch took over the offense, his drive ended abruptly when Jeremy Mincey got by Ryan Gibbons and sacked Couch to start and end his drive.

Tim Couch got back in and completed a short out to Derrick Wimbush just as the horn blew to switch to the next drill.

Tim Couch hit Matt Jones on a slant route over the middle for a touchdown.

Tim Couch made a nice spin move on a screen pass to Alvin Pearman, faking one way, spinning the other, and delivering the short pass on target in one quick motion.

FBT Report: "The only action of the night for Tim Couch came on two very short pass plays, one a short crossing route to Mike Walker, and the other a quick slant to the same receiver before the session ended."

Interview about Couch on at 5:30pm

Great conversation with Tim Couch's throwing coach (outside the Jaguars organization), Darin Slack. Darin runs the Quarterback Academy in Orlando. More info to come.

No practice

No practice - Mock Game

Quinn Gray returns from PUP list to compete with Tim Couch.

Tim Couch connected with Alvin Pearman on a screen pass. Pearman was stuffed for a 2 yard gain on the play.

Tim Couch attempted to hit Montell Owens on a route out of the backfield. Tony Gilbert was able to get into the mix, knocking the ball down for an incomplete pass.

FBT Report: "Tim Couch made a nice pass to D'Juan Woods who had run a deep crossing route in the middle of the end zone. Unfortunately, as the pass was delivered, Woods came out of the end zone to make the catch, and came up short of the goal line as Bruce Thornton forced him out of bounds. "

"Couch tried to connect with Richard Angulo in the end zone, but Kevin McCadam made a nice play to bat the pass away."

"Tim Couch had a pass tipped by Walter Curry. A heads up play by Maurice Drew to catch the ball and take it for a long reception was a crowd pleaser."

Del Rio on Couch:
(any initial impressions on Tim Couch?) "(I'm) glad to have him in here working. I saw Quinn (Gray) working a little bit on the side today with Mike Ryan and he's getting closer to coming back. Tim is making the most of his opportunities and learning our system and beginning to get a little more time in the drills and we'll continue to evaluate that position as we go through camp."

FBT REPORT: "Tim Couch got his first real action of the day, stepping in to make a couple of short passes on crossing routes to D'Juan Woods and Roosevelt Kiser. He continues to show nice touch on his passes as Quinn Gray sits on the sideline as a spectator."

"Tim Couch hit Jimmy Farris on a short crossing route. Farris bobbled the ball but held on to it for a short gain."

"Couch then came back and nailed Richard Angulo between Brent Hawkins and Brian Iwuh for a touchdown."

"Couch was almost picked off by Brent Hawkins when he attempted to hit Isaac Smolko in the end zone, but threw the ball just slightly behind the receiver."

"Tim Couch continues to progress in his throwing accuracy and velocity, and is starting to participate in more drills. All the while, Quinn Gray stands on the sideline watching practice with the training staff."

FBT Analysis: "They're continuing to bring Couch along slowly to let him get back into the mode of playing football. I've been surprised by how lively his arm is, and his accuracy has improved in a pretty short amount of time here. There's a legitimate shot that he could supplant Gray for the #3 spot on the roster based on his price tag, experience, and his ability to perform right now. Watching him on the field, he's confident in the pocket, he's making the reads, and going through his progressions. Of course, most of his actions have been limited to short drills like red zone stuff. But, he's got enough arm to zip a ball into double coverage in the end zone in double coverge, and he has nice touch on his passes as well. All signs are encouraging at this point, especially with Quinn Gray lingering on the sideline."

FBT Report: "Tim Couch participated in the drill, and seemed to struggle a little bit with the passes that require more velocity. He is not quite dialed in with his receivers yet. When a touch pass is called for, he does extremely well. The timing is not quite there for making the play when he needs to put some mustard behind the pass. In one particular instance, Jermaine Wiggins attempted to do a quick slant, managing to get himself open about ten yards down field. Couch got the ball there, but it was on the outside shoulder, and Wiggins could not make the adjustment to pull the pass in.

Couch did connect with D'Juan Woods on a crossing route. The ball was a little short, but the receiver was able to pull it in and get a nice gain on the play."

FBT Report: PM Session - "Tim Couch finally got in for some action, throwing his first two passes incomplete before finally connecting with Alvin Pearman on a dump off. On one of his incomplete passes, the ball was right on target for Mike Walker, but was knocked down on a nice defensive effort by Rashod Moulton. "

FBT Report: "Tim Couch showed to be significantly sharper than anyone expected. There were certain passes that he did struggle with, but overall, he looked much better than anyone could have anticipated with a three year layoff. On one particular play, Couch delivered a deep pass with nice touch to D'Juan Woods over tight coverage by Terry Cousin. It showed some promise in what Couch might be able to provide if he can become more consistent. Clearly, he has some rust to deal with, but overall, he was surprisingly sharp ... Tim Couch showed some nice touch dropping a pass between Scott Starks and Nick Sorensen right into the hands of Roosevelt Kiser for a big gain... Tim Couch did not look nearly as rusty as I expected him to look. Quinn Gray was on the sideline for the majority of practice, and had to feel the heat when he saw how Couch stepped up and delivered. While he was not without flaws, he appears to be in a position to give Gray a run for his money. "

Bullseye Report: "Tim Couch actually looked pretty good last night. He stood tall, had a nice, compact delivery, and was accurate for most of the night. However, there was almost nothing on his passes. Nevertheless, once he learns the offense, I think if he continues to perform as he did last night, he just might turn some heads."

Tim Couch signed by the Jaguars to a 2 year deal when Quinn Gray is injured in training camp.

Attends afternoon practice but only participates in short passing drills.


Del Rio on Tim Couch:
"We've got a lot of passing to work on in this camp and want to make sure we have enough arms to get all the work done that we plan on doing and Tim (Couch) has worked himself back into a situation where he is able to give it another go and try and resume his career, and so we're providing that opportunity and then we'll see where it goes."

(are you in a 'wait and see' mode in terms of what he can do?) "Yeah, very much so. We're not asking a lot of him. His competition today (in workout) was two undrafted free agents, and he was the best guy out of the three. He has some experience and he is recovered from his problems with his shoulder, our doctors cleared and had a good workout. But we don't have expectations. The whole first-round thing doesn't apply to us. He's coming with just an opportunity to play football again. There's Tony Boselli right in the background, I mean hey, us guys who have played this game, to have an opportunity to come out and compete again if you think you have in you, to come out and get an opportunity. That's what he's getting is an opportunity, with no expectations other than come out and play your best."

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