Jaguars Scrimmage Review

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished the first week of training camp with a live scrimmage that took place in Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in front of a record high 11,039 fans this evening following a light practice session in the morning.

Attendance was 3,100 fans more than the 7,855 fans who attended in 2006. Quarterback Quinn Gray practiced with the team in the morning morning after being removed from the Physically Unable to Perform list.

"I thought it was an excellent finish to what I thought was an excellent first week of training camp," said head coach Jack Del Rio following the scrimmage. "I don't know how many came tonight but it looked like it was full and the crowd was excited and we were appreciative of them coming out and supporting us like that."

"What you just got a glimpse of, I think, is what our offense is going to be about this year. We're going to have an explosive offense. Byron Leftwich has had a terrific camp and the receivers, the timing, the routes, all the little details that we need to be explosive in the passing game with, I think they're really starting to come together," said Del Rio.

"I feel like it is almost my offense," said Leftwich. "I feel as though it was meant for me and coach (Dirk) Koetter to work together, because these are the type of things that I have always done before I got here. These are the type of things that made me that first round draft pick, made me that seventh pick of the draft. For him to give me the opportunity to do those type of things I just have so much respect for him. Every day I come out here I know he has all the belief in the world in me."

Second round pick Justin Durant and his fellow rookies got to participate in their first live action inside Jacksonville Municipal Stadium since joining the Jaguars in April.

"It was great. I didn't even expect this much. I wasn't exactly sure how the scrimmage was going to go. I was just excited to see all the fans and give them a chance to see what I could do," said Durant. "I got a lot more in store because I didn't play well at all in my opinion. I just got to go back to the drawing board and work on it."

Camp will continue on Saturday with a Mock Game, which is closed to the public. The team will have Sunday off before resuming training camp on Monday with practice at 11:00 a.m. (special teams) and 7:00 p.m. (shells).

Chronologically (in reverse)

Scrimmage complete
Over 11,000 people in attendance at scrimmage
Scrimmage is getting ugly
Ricard incomplete to Smolko
D.D. Terry loss of 1
11,000 plus in attendance
Garrard incomplete to nobody in particular
Garrard incomplete to Jones
Iwuh big hit on Toefield
Garrard to Wimbush for 15
Toefield for 3 about 11
Garrard to Pearman for 15
Garrard runs out of bounds
Garrard to williams incomplete
Garrard to Broussard for 32
Garrard to Broussard for 11
Toefield for no gain
Toefield for a first down
Garrard runs for 6
Leftwich incomplete to Jones as time expires
Leftwich to Jones who couldn't keep his feet in
Hawkins sack!
Dee Webb hurt, looks like a hand injury
Leftwich to Estandia for 15
Leftwich incomplete to Walker
Leftwich to Jones for 6
Leftwich to Pearman for 14
Yelk punts 63 yards!
Podlesh for 38 yards
Yelk punts 46 yards
Podlesh for 38
Yelk misfires for about 15
Podlesh punts 35
Yelk punts 46 yards to the sideline
Special teams drills, Podlesh with a 50 yard punt
Touchdown, Toefield!
Wimbush inside the one
Toefield to the 1 yard line
Pearman for 4, first down
Leftwich shuffles to Toefield for 7
Leftwich to R. Williams for 8
Toefield for 3, planted by Durant
Leftwich to Wimbush for 15
Leftwich to Lewis for 22
Owens drops a pass on fourth down
Pearman for no gain
Pearman gains 6
Couch complete to Owens for 2
Couch takes over
Leftwich to M. Jones for 23 yards, TD
Holding offense- 10 yards
Pass interference on B. Williams
Sweep to Taylor for 7
Leftwich complete to Wilford for 7
Garrard incomplete to Toefield, 3 and out
Garrard to Broussard incomplete
22 yard FG is good!
Complete to Marcedes, short of TD
Sack by Hawkins, third down.
Leftwich incomplete to Wilford
MJD for 8
Taylor for 6
Leftwich to Wilford, first down
Taylor for 9 yds
First team offense, Leftwich completes deep to Northcutt
PA announcer playing Naughty by Nature, takes me back to my youth
Jackson de Ville makes an appearance on a mini-bike
Players warming up, Quinn Gray inactive.
D-line is playing, light rain
About 2.5k fans are here so far
The gates are open and the fans are entering

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