Camping with FBT: 08/03/07 SCRIMMAGE

The scrimmage tonight gave 11,039 fans at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium a glimpse of just what to expect from the Jaguars in 2007. The new offense is starting to take shape, and the fans that attended were treated to what could become the most aggressive aerial assault inside the stadium since the heady days when Brunell, Smith, and McCardell were prowling the sidelines.

Before we touch on the specifics of the scrimmage, it would be helpful to give some indication of how the session was scored.

For the offense, points were awarded as follows:
    * Touchdown - 6 points
    * Point after touchdown - 1 point
    * Field Goal - 3 points
    * Consecutive first downs - 2 points
    * Explosive plays (20 or more yards) - 1 point
For the defense, points were awarded as follows:
    * Tackle for loss - 1 point
    * Sack - 1 point
    * Interception - 3 points
    * Fumble recovery - 3 points
    * Three and out - 2 points
    * Touchdown - 6 points

This report will have a little different format to give those that were unable to attend a bit of a play-by-play of the scrimmage. Now, let's get right to the series of drives.

1st Drive :
Byron Leftwich opened up the practice session with a quick strike on a deep sideline pass to Dennis Northcutt. The reception went for a 42 yard gain, and immediately got the crowd fired up.

Fred Taylor came back on the next play behind Khalif Barnes and went for 9 yards down the sideline.

Byron connected with Ernest Wilford on a curl route that went for 11 yards and another first down in front of Scott Starks.

Fred Taylor made a nice double move to the left side, going for 18 yards and a touchdown.

2nd Drive :
Byron attempted to connect with Wilford in the end zone, but overthrew his target for an incomplete pass.

Brent Hawkins was credited with a sack on the next play.

Leftwich connected with Marcedes Lewis who took the ball to the 4 yard line before getting stopped.

Josh Scobee stepped in to kick a 22 yard field goal.

3rd Drive :
David Garrard attempted to connect with John Broussard on a quick slant, but the ball was thrown too far in front of the receiver, and he was unable to pull it in.

Garrard tossed a short pass to Jermaine Wiggins who came free on a crossing route, going for a 5 yard gain.

David attempted to hit LaBrandon Toefield coming out of the backfield, but threw the pass behind his intended target, going for an incomplete pass, allowing a 3 and out.

4th Drive :
Byron hit Wilford on another curl route in front of Rashean Mathis that went for 8 yards.

On a toss sweep to the right side, Fred Taylor went for 5 yards.

Byron went back to Dennis Northcutt on a slant route, but Brian Williams was able to get in to cause the pass to fall incomplete.

Maurice Jones-Drew started right on a carry, saw that there was nowhere to run, then shifted direction back to the left side, managing to get 3 yards on a play that should have gone for a loss. The interesting thing about the play was that if the tackling was allowed there, Drew probably would have gone for more yards, but the referees blew the play dead at the point where they felt he would have been downed. Anyone that has watched him play knows how suspect that is.

Byron hit Matt   Jones on a deep cross in the end zone for a touchdown over Terry Cousin with Reggie Nelson helping out in coverage. The pass was delivered just over the top of Cousin, where only Matt could bring the ball in on the play.

5th Drive :
Tim Couch connected with Alvin Pearman on a screen pass. Pearman was stuffed for a 2 yard gain on the play.

Alvin Pearman carried the ball off the Right Tackle, taking it for a gain of 6 yards.

Alvin Pearman attempted to run the ball up the middle, but was stuffed at the line of scrimmage by Tony Gilbert and Brian Iwuh, holding him to no gain.

Tim Couch attempted to hit Montell Owens on a route out of the backfield. Tony Gilbert was able to get into the mix, knocking the ball down for an incomplete pass.

6th Drive :
Byron Leftwich hit Marcedes Lewis on a post route in the seam for a 21 yard gain. Reggie Nelson made the tackle. If the rookie had not been there, Lewis would have gone for a touchdown of more than 40 yards.

Leftwich connected with Derrick Wimbush who was streaking down the sideline for a gain of 20 yards.

LaBrandon Toefield carried the ball behind the Left Tackle, but got himself stuffed for a 3 yard gain by Justin Durant.

Leftwich hit Reggie Williams on a quick slant for a gain of 11 yards.

LaBrandon Toefield took a pass from Leftwich and racked up another 7 yards before being stopped by Clint Ingram and Reggie Nelson.

Alvin Pearman tried to run the ball up the middle, but was greeted by Tony McDaniel and Bruce Thornton, getting hammered and stuffed at the line of scrimmage.

Pearman carried the ball up the middle again, getting a 5 yard gain before Reggie Nelson stepped in to stop the play.

LaBrandon Toefield went up the middle for a gain of 3 yards, stopped just short of the goal line by Rob Meier and Pat Thomas.

Derrick Wimbush got a quick handoff from the fullback position, but was unable to crack the goal line.

Scobee stepped in and hit a field goal for 17 yards.

7th Drive :
Byron hit Alvin Pearman on the sideline for a gain of 14 yards.

Leftwich then connected with Matt Jones on the sideline for a 7 yard gain before Dee Webb forced him out of bounds.

Byron tried to connect with Mike Walker on a deep sideline pass. Bruce Thornton was in tight coverage, and managed to force an incomplete pass.

Leftwich went right back to Walker on another deep sideline pass, but overthrew his target for an incomplete pass.

Greg Estandia took a pass from Leftwich on a crossing route for a 15 yard gain.

Brent Hawkins got a sack on Leftwich with a nice move on Pashos.

Byron dropped a nice pass into Matt Jones who was running a deep corner route, but Jones did not keep his feet in bounds as he was streaking toward the sideline.

Byron came back to Matt Jones on a deep crossing route in the end zone. Jones got two hands on the ball, but did not haul it in before Reggie Nelson hit him, allowing the ball to fall to the ground.

8th Drive :
David Garrard did not see any open receivers, and ran the ball off the right side for a 5 yard gain.

Toefield went up the middle for a 5 yard gain. On the next play, he got stuffed trying to run the ball behind the Right Tackle.

Garrard connected with John Broussard for 11 yards on a quick slant.

Garrard came back again and found Broussard for a first down. The rookie had started out running a deep corner route, but Garrard rolled out of the pocket to avoid Brent Hawkins. Broussard picked up on this, and broke off his route, coming back to the quarterback. Garrard finally picked him up and let the ball go before stepping out of bounds for a 32 yard completion.

David tried to hit Reggie Williams on the sideline on a go route. The ball hit Reggie in the stomach, but bounced out and fell incomplete.

Garrard ran out of bounds for a 2 yard gain with Brent Hawkins nipping at his heels.

Garrard connected with Alvin Pearman on a quick slant. Chad Nkang made a nice tackle on the play holding Pearman to a short gain.

Derrick Wimbush took a pass on a crossing route and carried it for 15 yards before Pat Thomas made the tackle.

LaBrandon Toefield tried to punch the ball up the middle, but was stuffed by Derek Landri for a 1 yard gain.

Garrard tried to connect with Matt Jones in the back of the end zone, but the ball was knocked away by Kevin McCadam.

Garrard did not see any open receivers on the next play, opting to throw the ball away, out of the back of the end zone.

Josh Scobee stepped in for a short field goal.

9th Drive :
D.D. Terry got stuffed on a route intended to go up the middle, running squarely into Walter Curry 1 yard behind the line of scrimmage for a loss on the play.

Lester Ricard attempted to connect with Isaac Smolko on the far sideline, but overthrew his intended target badly.

Ricard went back to Smolko with the same play, getting a 2 yard gain out of the effort.

Brent Hawkins stepped in to sack Ricard.

D.D. Terry ran the ball off the left end for a 7 yard gain.

Ricard tried to connect again with Smolko on a deep post pattern. The ball was thrown short of the intended target, and was almost picked off by Justin Durant.

10th Drive :
Garrard hit Alvin Pearman for a 1 yard gain that was abruptly ended by Bruce Thornton.

David missed D'Juan Woods throwing high and behind his target on the sideline.

Garrard hit John Broussard for an 18 yard gain on a deep crossing route. Broussard made a nice diving grab on the play.

Garrard tried to connect with Richard Angulo on a sideline pass, but he waited too long to deliver the ball, allowing coverage to identify the play. When he did finally throw the football, it ended up falling incomplete.

Alvin Pearman carried the ball up the middle for a 3 yard gain.

Garrard connected with Smolko again on a deep post pattern that went in for a touchdown.

11th Drive :
Garrard hit Smolko for a 5 yard touchdown pass.

Final Thoughts:
We got a taste of what the new offense will look like with the passing game as the team had 8 passing plays that went for 15 yards or more. There was also a lot more focus on getting the ball to the tight end as all five that participated in practice had at least one catch each.

For a scrimmage to end the first full week of training camp, the offensive performance was the sharpest that we have seen since the Jaguars have been hosting these events.

This was definitely a great way to end the first week of training camp on a high note, with a big crowd in the stadium enjoying the show, getting a little football fix before the preseason begins.

The offense won the scrimmage in a lopsided score. That speaks to the performance of the unit.

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