JagNation Stock Report: Defensive Line

The first week of Jaguars training camp is complete, and we at Jagnation have seen a lot of good things, and also some not so good things from the team. Here is how the defensive line stock has been rated.

Reggie Hayward - DE - Stock is up
No one was sure if Hayward was even going to be able to practice, and thus far he's been very solid through the first week.

Paul Spicer - DE - Stock is down
Spicer was pretty much a lock for a starting spot coming into camp, but he hasn't been able to practice yet. Spicer may not only lose his starting job, but also his roster spot.

James Wyche - DE - Stock is up
Wyche has looked fast and strong, and will likely find a roster spot on this team if his impressive play continues.

Bobby McCray - DE - Stock is even
McCray hasn't really stood out much in the first week of camp. I have a feeling that he will play well in the preseason games.

Brent Hawkins - DE - Stock is up
Hawkins has looked unbelievably fast thus far in camp, and if he can play the run with consistency, he may be a starter this year.

Jorge Cordova - DE - Stock is down
Cordova is a guy who needs to stand out and he just hasn't done it, at least not yet. There is too much competition at his position for him to coast into a roster spot.

Brian Smith - DE - Stock is down
Smith hasn't participated in camp yet, due to the hip injury that he suffered in college. He may end up on the IR.

Kenny Pettway - DE - Stock is even
Pettway has participated, but hasn't really stood out yet. Jury is still out on him, but he needs to show something in preseason.

John Henderson - DT - Stock is even
"Big John" hasn't really overly exerted himself thus far in camp, but he doesn't really have to.

Marcus Stroud - DT - Stock is even
Stroud is participated on a somewhat less than full-time basis due to the ankle injury that he suffered last season. His missed reps are likely just precautionary.

Tony McDaniel - DT - Stock is up
McDaniel is playing very well in camp, and will likely make the roster if he keeps it up.

Rob Meier - DT - Stock is even
Meier hasn't done much to get noticed so far in camp, but he will more than likely make the Jaguars final roster, even if he doesn't have a big preseason.

Derek Landri - DT - Stock is up
Landri has looked very fast so far in camp, and should fit in nicely in the DT rotation, especially on passing downs.

Walter Curry - DT - Stock is even
Curry hasn't really stood out much, and he will need to play well in the preseason games.

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