Jaguars Winners / Losers: Preseason Game 2

Jaguars Winners and Losers - Preseason Week 2 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Charles Sharon:
Sharon had three catches for 54 yards against the Buccaneers, including a long of 27 yards in which he caught the ball at its apex, seemingly with his finger tips, while being covered like a blanket by a Tampa corner. He's steadily climbing the depth chart.

John Broussard:
Broussard continues to make plays for the Jaguars, and shows the constant ability to get open. Like Sharon, Broussard is making his case to be on the final roster.

Ernest Wilford:
While Wilford didn't make any amazing plays, he showed the steady ability to catch first downs on some shorter routes.

Jamaal Fudge:
With Reggie Nelson going down with an apparent ankle injury, Fudge is making his case for the starting free safety job. He once again made plays, recovering two fumbles, running one back over 70 yards nearly scoring a touchdown.

D.D. Terry:
Considered a long shot to make the roster, Terry made the most of his limited opportunity against the Bucs, carrying the ball 10 times for 49 yards. Terry showed patience and good burst through the line.

Greg Jones:
While Jones is a lock for a roster spot, he flashed his running ability for the first time since his season-ending ACL injury that he suffered a year ago, against the Bucs. Jones had 5 carries for 25 yards, with a 17 yard run that including Jones breaking tackles and juking defensive players. Had he not lost his footing, it would have been a 20 yard touchdown run.

Adam Podlesh:
Podlesh rebounded in the game, finally having a punt downed inside the 20. His other punts were nice, but it was good to see his directional kicking ability finally come to fruition.


Terry Cousin:
Cousin's age is starting to show. He was repeatedly beaten and was flagged for defensive holding that keyed the Buccaneers first touchdown drive. If Cousin is the starting nickel corner when September rolls around, something is wrong.

Scott Starks:
Like Cousin, Starks was repeatedly beaten. While he was not beaten over the top, he missed some tackles and allowed too many receptions.

Reggie Williams:
Williams again showed nothing in the game. He played for nearly three quarters, and the best thing he did was throw a great block on LaBrandon Toefield's touchdown run. Williams is really going to have to do something against Green Bay if he's going to make this roster, as Sharon and Broussard seem poised to take Reggie's spot.

Byron Leftwich:
Leftwich struggled early in this game missing on a lot of his passes. He hit Matt   Jones in the shoelaces when he was wide open, and under threw a ball in the end zone to Marcedes Lewis. Leftwich got into a groove when the Bucs began substitutions, but he was inconsistent against the Tampa starters.

David Garrard:
While Garrard was 11/14 passing the ball, two of those incompletions should have been interceptions. One was a ball horribly overthrown that Sabby Piscitelli had in his hands, only to have it pop out when he landed on the ground. Another near pick game when the Jaguars were on their own five yard line. Garrard will still flash some play-making ability only to follow it up with a rookie-like mistake.

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