JagNation Roster Predictions

It seems as if everyone in JagNation wants to talk about the Jaguars final roster, so we'll take another guess at what moves Jack, Shack, and the rest of the gang will make. Like anything else that you read here, the roster predictions are subject to change.

Quarterbacks (2) Didn't quite make it: Quinn Gray, Lester Ricard
Practice squad: Lester Ricard

Final cut was Gray vs. his salary -
A semi-mysterious ankle injury has left Gray on the outside looking in, and the $1.2 million salary was worth more than a guy who is leaving after the season anyway.

Running backs (5) Didn't quite make it: LaBrandon Toefield, Derrick Wimbush, D.D. Terry
Practice squad: D.D. Terry

Final cut was Pearman vs. Toefield - Pearman makes it due to his value as a special teams contributor.

Wide Receivers (6) Didn't quite make it: Charles Sharon, D'Juan Woods, Jimmy Farris, Roosevelt Kiser
Practice squad: Charles Sharon

Final cut came down to Sharon vs. Williams - Although being outplayed in the preseason games, Williams is the teams' leading receiver from 2006, and is only 24 years old. He has first round pedigree and a low salary.
Tight Ends (3) Didn't quite make it: Greg Estandia, Richard Angulo, Isaac Smolko
Practice squad: Greg Estandia

Final cut was Wiggins vs. Estandia - Wiggins is the trusted veteran.
Offensive Line (9) Didn't quite make it: Dan Connelly, Stockar McDougle (IR), Andrew Carnahan
Practice squad: Andrew Carnahan

Final cut was Nwaneri vs. Connelly - Nwaneri has the draft status on his side.
Defensive Line (9) Didn't quite make it: Paul Spicer, Derek Landri, Jeremy Mincey, Eric Curry, Kenny Pettway, Tyler King, Brian Smith (IR)
Practice Squad: Derek Landri

Final cut came down to Wyche vs. Spicer - Jaguars will go with youth over injury.
Linebackers (6) Didn't quite make it: Jorge Cordova, Brian Iwuh, Tony Gilbert

Final cut came down to Iwuh vs. Greisen - Greisen winning with experience.
Secondary (9) Didn't quite make it: Terry Cousin, Jamar Landrom, Josh Gattis, Nick Sorensen, Chad Nkang, Rashod Moulton
Practice squad: Josh Gattis, Jamar Landrom

Final cut came down to Thornton vs. Cousin - Jaguars opting for the younger, cheaper player.
Specialists (3) Didn't quite make it: Aaron Elling

Wildcard spot: Chad Nkang due to his stellar special teams work during camp, combined with the Jaguars poor special teams showing in 2006, the Jaguars keep another coverage gunner in hopes to make special teams in 2007, truly special.

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