Jaguars Winners & Losers

JagNation lists the winners and losers in the game against Green Bay


Derek Landri: Landri finally showed up and made some plays in this game. Landri finished the game with two sacks and had multiple other pressures. He's fighting hard for a roster spot, and before Thursday night's performance, we had him projected as just a practice squad guy.

Reggie Hayward: Already a lock and a starter on this team, Hayward showed the ability to get to the quarterback, and he finished with one sack. Hayward was also able to bat down what would have been a sure touchdown pass on a third down to stall a drive.

Jamaal Fudge: Fudge continues to impress, and march his way up the depth chart. Fudge made it in with the number two's, and nearly had a pick on Aaron Rodgers. He was all over the field and around the ball.

Reggie Williams: While Williams didn't have a spectacular night, he made two very tough catches over the middle and had some nice blocks on running plays. Williams had one catch where he was completely obliterated by a linebacker over the middle, but he was able to hold on to the ball.

Brent Hawkins: Brent Hawkins flashed his explosiveness in this game notching a sack and multiple pressures on the Green Bay quarterbacks. On one play, Hawkins literally weaved through the Packers offensive line and flushed Rodgers to the outside allowing Tony Gilbert to collect a sack.

Adam Podlesh: Podlesh continues to improve each game. He had another punt downed inside the 10, and another downed inside the 20.

Dennis Northcutt: While Northcutt didn't quite get to the two deep passes that were slightly overthrown, he showed the ability to stretch the field, something this team desperately needs.

David Garrard: David Garrard was very sharp, notching a perfect QB rating in the game. He marched the team down the field and hit George Wrighster on a great pass in the seam for a touchdown.

George Wrighster: Wrighster solidified his spot on this roster in the past two games. Like last week, he showed he can be a YAC guy (yards after catch) by breaking tackles.

The offensive line: The offensive line continues to improve each week. They were able to give Byron Leftwich plenty of time to throw, and rarely allowed a lot of pressure. Rookie Uche Nwaneri looks especially impressive starting at left guard.

Fred Taylor: Taylor looked in mid-season form running the ball against the Packers. He is poised for a very good season.


Byron Leftwich: While Leftwich's poor performance in this game wasn't solely his fault, he was never able to get into much of a rhythm. It wasn't all bad for Byron, as he did show some improve mobility in the pocket by stepping up and avoiding the rush. He needs to get to his outlets quicker rather than holding the ball, but this should improve once the playbook is actually opened. He's in the loser category mainly because his statistics were horrible.

Terry Cousin: Terry Cousin was absolutely horrible against the Packers. He was regularly picked on by Green Bay and gave up tons of plays. It's time to move on from Cousin and put one of the younger faster guys in. For all he brings knowledge wise, his lack of speed and agility seem to outweigh it.

Jaguars starting secondary: The entire secondary looked terrible against Green Bay. Granted it was mostly from the wily Brett Farve, but they didn't look good overall. The middle of the field was constantly open for anyone to make plays.

Jaguars receivers: The Jaguars receivers struggled to get open against the Packers. This was evidenced by the amount of time Leftwich was left in the pocket scanning the field back and forth only to be forced to throw the ball away.

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