Jaguars: What We Learned vs. Green Bay

As we do every week, we will now take a look back and see if the "Five most important things" were accomplished, and also recap the "what to look for" segment.

Although the scoreboard showed a Jaguars victory from Thursday night, it sure didn't feel that way watching the game. The Jaguars starters were outscored 10-0 at halftime, and both offensive and defensive units were outplayed by the Pack.

Five most important things:
    1. For the love of God.. leave Wisconsin healthy - Mission accomplished, pretty much. The only real injury for the Jaguars was to tight end Jermaine Wiggins, who suffered a concussion.

    2. First team offense must move the football down the field - Not too good. The Jaguars first team offense did move the ball, but each drive stalled near the Green Bay 35. The net result was no points in a little over a half of play.

    3. Depth chart flip - Not much of this really went on Thursday night. The Jaguars depth chart pretty much stayed the same.

    4. Safety play - Sammy Knight filled in for Reggie Nelson and was unimpressive, as well as the rest of the Jaguars secondary.

    5. Keep it positive - That sure didn't happen. The Jaguars reserves outplayed the Packers reserves, but the first team left behind on the scoreboard, and the massive overreaction is breaking out all over the city of Jacksonville.
What to look for:
    1. How will the inexperienced wide receivers (Charles Sharon, Mike Walker, John Broussard) do against a tough Green Bay secondary?--The young Jaguars receivers didn't have an opportunity against the Packers starters.

    2. Can the offensive line dominate a solid defense?--The offensive line gave better pass protection than in previous weeks, but they failed in short yardage running situations.

    3. Will the defensive ends for the Jaguars be able to generate pressure on Green Bay quarterbacks?--The Jaguars registered five sacks, so that answer was yes.

    4. Can Byron Leftwich rebound from an erratic performance and find some seemingly lost accuracy?--Not really. Leftwich played a little better against Green Bay (not as bad as his stat-line showed) , but he was still a little off his game.

    5. Can Reggie Williams make some plays with his job seemingly on the line?--Reggie caught two tough passes for nine yards. Is it enough to save his job? We'll find out soon.
Other notes
    - Can David Garrard continue to make dangerous throws and get away with them?--Actually, Garrard played a great game. Receivers were open and he delivered nice passes.

    - How well will Uche Nwaneri play in Chris Naeole's absence?--Uche looked solid, his name wasn't mentioned, and that's a good thing with a lineman.

    - Will Seth Payne be able to make an impact?--Not much of one, at least not yet.

    - Can Derek Landri play well enough to earn a job?--Great night for Landri, two sacks. If he makes the roster, it will be thanks to Thursday.

    - Will Quinn Gray be healthy enough to play?--Quinn Gray was physically healthy enough to play, but he had to deal with the death of his father. Gray played, and played well, which is nearly unbelievable considering what was surely going through his mind.

    - How will the speedy Justin Durant do in his first opportunity as a starting linebacker?--Durant was flying to the ball as he has all preseason.

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