Breaking Down the Cuts

As most of you already know, the Jaguars cut their roster from 86 players down to the maximum 75 earlier this morning. The loss of one's employment is usually a very traumatic situation, and it is certainly one of the really tough things that goes along with professional sports.

We are now going to break down the cuts that the Jaguars made, and what their reasons were for doing so.
    1. Nick Sorensen, Safety. Nick Sorensen was more of a special teams player than a safety, and with a brand new special teams coordinator hired earlier this year, the writing was pretty much on the wall. Sorensen had to stand out in camp, and he did, just not for the right reasons. Sorensen found himself out of position quite a bit, and didn't make an impact on special teams.

    2. Jermaine Wiggins, Tight End. Jermaine Wiggins was signed by the Jaguars earlier in the spring, and many felt that he was close to a lock to make the roster, considering his past relationship with Jaguars assistant coach Mike Tice. Wiggins didn't make much of an impact throughout camp and the preseason, and the team decided to go younger and more athletic with Greg Estandia.

    3. Jorge Cordova, Linebacker. Jorge Cordova had been with the Jaguars for three, mostly injury-plagued seasons before receiving the news this morning. Cordova has been "just a guy," since he's been in Jacksonville, and has never really lived up to the expectations of being a first day pick. There were too many better players at his position.

    4. Jimmy Farris, Wide Receiver. Jimmy Farris was signed by the Jaguars as a free agent earlier in the spring, and although he had a pretty good camp, there was too much competition at his position.

    5. Derrick Wimbush, Fullback. Derrick Wimbush was a nice surprise for the Jaguars after being signed as an undrafted free agent rookie after the 2005 season. Wimbush was always an effort type of player, and unfortunately for him, Montell Owens gave more effort. Owens outplayed Wimbush during camp, and the team moved in that direction.

    6. Andrew Carnahan, Tackle. Andrew Carnahan is a project type of player that is not quite ready for the NFL game. Carnahan remains a solid practice squad prospect for this team.

    7. Roosevelt Kiser, Wide Receiver. Roosevelt Kiser did virtually nothing to wow anyone in camp, and there are more talented guys at his position.

    8. Lester Ricard, Quarterback. Lester Ricard played well in some limited preseason opportunities, but is clearly a development project at quarterback. I expect him to be signed to the practice squad after the final cuts are made.

    9. D'Juan Woods, Wide Receiver. D'Juan Woods is the proverbial jack of all trades, master of none at the wide receiver spot. Although Woods had a pretty good camp, and did fairly well in preseason, he's not quite ready to compete at this level. Woods is a definite practice squad candidate.

    10. D.D. Terry, Running Back. D.D. Terry showed a nice burst in the last two preseason games, and is simply a victim of numbers. The Jaguars appear to have too much talent at his position right now. If Terry is still available, he will likely be signed to the Jaguars practice squad.

    11. Jeremy Mincey, Defensive End. Jeremy Mincey didn't have a bad camp, but he didn't really stand out, and that's what he needed to do. Mincey may be a practice squad candidate.

Charlie Bernstein is the Editor-in-Chief of, and a regular syndicated contributor to, Sirius NFL Radio, and Charlie is also a member of the Pro Football Writers Association, and is a columnist for the New Smyrna Observer.

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