Final Roster "Cuts" in Jacksonville

As many of you know, we at JagNation have done a few roster prediction articles, and they've changed fairly dramatically each time we've done them. With the final cuts and official team roster being just hours away, we will take one last stab (apologies to O.J. Simpson) at getting the roster right.

Bubble Player

Quinn Gray- Gray put forth an excellent performance on Thursday evening against the Redskins, completing 17 of 22 passes for 172 yards and two touchdowns. With the news of Byron Leftwich leaving town, Gray is now the backup quarterback.

Alvin Pearman- Alvin Pearman had his usual, unspectacular, workmanlike performance on Thursday, gaining 21 yards on nine carries, and catching two passes for six yards. Pearman will not wow anyone with his abilities, but he is extremely versatile, which he showed when he returned a third quarter punt 28 yards. Pearman makes the team based on that versatility, although we feel that Toefield is probably a slightly better runner.

LaBrandon Toefield- Toe's final stats for Thursday looked impressive, 19 carries, 84 yards, and a touchdown. Toefield also caught a pass for seven yards. The problem is that most of that yardage came in the second half against guys that will likely be employed in a field other than football starting next week. Those two fumbles against Miami in the preseason opener will loom large, and Toefield will have his bubble burst.

Reggie Williams- Reggie Williams may have never actually been on the bubble, but the coaching staff sure treated him like he was. They made it difficult for him and he responded with two very strong games to close preseason. Based upon those games, his first-round pedigree, and oh yeah, the fact that he is the team's leading receiver from 2006, Reggie makes the final roster.

Mike Walker- Mike Walker was never on the bubble to make the roster, despite having very ordinary preseason numbers– four catches for 33 yards. Walker is a third round pick, and the Jaguars simply cannot release him, due to his first day pedigree, and the fact that he looked fantastic in practice and camp. Walker will either make the final roster, or be placed on the IR. We believe that Walker will be on the roster.

Charles Sharon- Charles Sharon has simply done everything asked of him to make this roster, by blocking, running great routes, and catching nearly everything thrown his way. Unfortunately, this is a numbers game, and with some practice squad eligibility, the Jaguars will roll the dice and see if Sharon is still available to come on the PS comes Sunday. If Walker doesn't get more productive through the first four to six weeks, look for Sharon to get a promotion, and Walker to go to the IR.

John Broussard- The Jaguars know that wide receiver is a numbers game, and they have a lot of numbers at the position already. The team would love to place Broussard on the PS, but there isn't much of a chance that he wouldn't be picked up by some team that is starving for speed at wide receiver. Broussard has to make the roster, based on his preseason body of work.

Greg Estandia- Although he wouldn't completely admit it, Greg Estandia surely breathed a giant sigh of relief when veteran tight end Jermaine Wiggins was released last Saturday. Estandia's strong game Thursday, as well as his strong preseason has pretty much clinched his roster spot.

Issac Smolko- Smolko is a proverbial Jack of all trades, and he played each way Thursday night, offense, defense, and special teams. Smolko has been a nice surprise for the Jaguars, as he's shown soft hands, and a willingness to do whatever to make a roster. We believe that Smolko is certainly practice squad material, but he's a victim of numbers this year. Bubble burst.

Richard Angulo- Richard Angulo had a solid camp, and a solid preseason. Unfortunately, his bubble gets burst due to his age, and Estandia and Smolko's upside.

Richard Collier- Richard Collier has had a somewhat up and down camp so far, but he's way too great of a prospect for the team to let go. Collier finds a spot on the roster for the second year in a row.

Dan Connelly- Dan Connelly has had a tough camp, and hasn't played that well in the preseason games. Based on those factors, Connelly's bubble gets burst.

Pete McMahon- Pete McMahon is a nice story, being that he served time in NFL Europe, but he's not ready for a roster spot. McMahon's bubble gets burst.

Sam Gutekunst- Sam Gutekunst gets the automatic exemption to the Jaguars international development practice squad. As for a roster spot, Gutekunst isn't ready yet, bubble burst.

Ryan Gibbons- Ryan Gibbons hasn't done enough in the preseason to warrant a spot on the final 53 man roster. Bubble burst.

Tutan Reyes- Reyes has a solid NFL resume, but the Jaguars have too many younger guys for Reyes to find a spot. Bubble burst.

Tyler King- Tyler King has only been on the Jaguars roster for a few weeks, and despite having a solid game Thursday night, he finds himself on the outside looking in. Bubble burst.

Kenny Pettway- Kenny Pettway has been an active player this preseason, and he's talented enough to play in the NFL. Unfortunately, he's a victim of numbers, bubble burst.

Joe Anoai- Joe Anoai has been with the team for less than a week, so the odds of him making the roster are slim, despite having a solid game on Thursday. Bubble burst.

Walter Curry- Curry has been very active through camp and preseason, but there's too much competition here for a roster spot. Bubble burst.

Tony McDaniel- Tony McDaniel has been battling a knee injury ever since the second preseason game, but he's a very talented guy when available. McDaniel could be placed on the PUP list to start the season, or possibly the IR, but he will not get released.

Derek Landri- The rookie has been squarely on the bubble through the teams' first two preseason games, then after getting berated by one of the coaches, Landri has stepped up his game in a big way. Landri makes the team.

Seth Payne- There are all kinds of questions associated with Payne's knees, but the Jaguars paid him roughly $600,000 in guaranteed money, and they will find a way to keep him around in some capacity.

James Wyche- James Wyche has been very solid in camp, and has put together some nice preseason games. Wyche will be on the final roster.

Paul Spicer- Spicer has missed a lot of time in camp with injuries, and that's never a good thing for a veteran. I believe Spicer is a candidate for the PUP list, or possibly an outright release. Spicer will not start the season on the Jaguars 53 man roster. Bubble burst or delayed.

Brian Iwuh- Iwuh has been very active in camp and preseason, but tends to overrun plays. I believe Iwuh has a greater upside than Nick Greisen, and he makes the final roster.

Nick Greisen- Nick Greisen has had a somewhat disappointing preseason, and I can't see him making the final roster. Bubble burst.

Pat Thomas- If Pat Thomas is healthy enough, he will make the final roster. If not, he is a PUP candidate.

Kevis Coley- Coley has been a Jaguar for less than a week, and it will likely stay that way. Bubble burst.

Roy Manning- Roy Manning is another guy who was signed last week, but he put forth a fantastic effort in Thursday night's game, intercepting a ball for a touchdown. If Thomas starts on PUP, Manning will make the team. If not, his bubble will be burst.

Terry Cousin- Although Cousin has been unspectacular in preseason, no one else has really stepped up to take his job away. Cousin makes the final roster, barely.

Dee Webb- Dee Webb has great upside, but he played horribly in preseason. He has trouble tackling, and was abused by Washington receivers. Bubble burst.

Scott Starks- Starks has fourth-round pedigree on his side, as well as great athleticism. That will keep him on the final roster.

Bruce Thornton- Bruce Thornton has played very well in the preseason, and he has no practice squad availability left. Thornton makes the team in a slight upset.

Jamar Landrom- Landrom hasn't done much in preseason, and his odds of making the roster are very long. Bubble burst.

Rashod Moulton- Although Moulton had a solid game on Thursday, I don't think the body of work is enough to earn a spot. Bubble burst.

Jamaal Fudge- Fudge has done everything he can do to make this roster, and at the end of the day, his name will be on the final 53.

Chad Nkang- Nkang has special teams star written all over him, although he isn't quite ready for game action at safety. Nkang makes the squad.

Josh Gattis- After looking good in OTA's Gattis has been a bit disappointing in preseason. Gattis is a practice squad guy, not a final roster guy. Bubble burst.

Sammy Knight- Although Sammy Knight was brought in to provide depth and veteran leadership at safety, he can't move very well at all. I believe the Jaguars take a chance by cutting him, and if they need him they can always call him at home. Bubble burst.

Those are 21 of the Jaguars 22 final roster cuts that need to be made (Leftwich being the other). Tune in a couple of hours to see how many we had right.

Charlie Bernstein is the Editor-in-Chief of, and a regular syndicated contributor to, Sirius NFL Radio, and Charlie is also a member of the Pro Football Writers Association, and is a columnist for the New Smyrna Observer.

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