Jaguars Practice Squad

The Jaguars came to terms with eight players to fill out their practice squad, plus a ninth in offensive tackle Sam Gutekunst, who spent the preseason with the team after three seasons in NFL Europa. The 6-6, 320-pound German national qualifies as the Jaguars' International Practice Squad player.

The eight players that the Jaguars signed include skill position players, quarterback Lester Ricard, running back D.D. Terry, and wide receiver Charles Sharon. The other players signed to the squad are tight end Issac Smolko, cornerback Rashod Moulton, defensive lineman Walter Curry, offensive tackle Ryan Gibbons, and defensive end Jeremy Mincey.

Each of the members of the Jaguars practice squad spent camp and preseason with the team.

    - Lester Ricard played well in his limited preseason opportunities, and could be a project type of player for the team.

    - D.D. Terry showed some nice running skills in his opportunities, and could be a possible contributor if one of the current group of running backs on the active roster goes down.

    - Charles Sharon was clearly the most impressive out of any on the practice squad, as he ran great routes and showed nice hands. There's a good chance that Sharon could be brought up to active squad at some point in the season.

    - Issac Smolko impressed nearly everyone in the preseason finale last Thursday, as he played both ways, and even caught a touchdown pass. Guys like Smolko are why they have a practice squad.

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