Help Others and Help Jaguars Fill Stadium

JagNation, LLC has teamed up with First Guaranty Bank of Jacksonville to set up a ticket drive to help benefit some of the underprivileged in the community to get to see Jaguars games.

What this means is that any member of the Jaguars community, including fans all over the world can donate any amount of money (there is no minimum), and the proceeds will be used entirely toward the purchase of Jaguars tickets for many organizations that have requested them through the Jaguars ticket office.

This helps the entire Jaguars community three ways. The first way is that these organizations that are benefiting will have the experience of attending a Jaguars home game. The second way is that the front office will sell more tickets to help ensure the future of professional football in the city of Jacksonville. The third way is that the numerous people who are generous enough to contribute can feel good about helping out other people, and helping to preserve the future of this team.

Donations can be made in person at any branch of First Guaranty Bank of Jacksonville (locations listed at:

Donations can also be made via paypal by visiting:

Please be part of this groundswell of support for both the community and the team.

Robb Chamberlain
JagNation, LLC

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