Behind Enemy Lines: Tennessee

JagNation visits with Stan Jones, publisher for the Tennessee Titans, in this edition of Behind Enemy Lines.

1. Who was the biggest surprise in camp for the Titans?

The biggest surprise out of Titans camp was probably rookie receiver Chris Davis. Davis appears to have the inside track at being the slot receiver and maybe even the punt returner. He has shown good awareness on punt returns and seems to understand how to get as much as he can and get down. He may end up being one of the better picks of the entire 2007 draft.

2. What weapons at wide receiver will the Jaguars have to concern themselves with?

Honestly, I am not sure the Titans have a weapon at receiver for the Jaguars to be all that concerned with. Eric Moulds has proven to be the most consistent receiver the Titans have. He still has great hands but lacks the speed to get deep he had earlier in his career.

Brandon Jones has shown flashes of being a big play guy in the past but hasn't shown much of that this preseason.

Chris Davis will be in the slot as I mentioned above. He may be the Titans' best threat from the receiver position. The biggest threat in the passing game will probably be Bo Scaife.

3. How much has Vince Young improved as a passer, and will the lack of proven weapons (other than Moulds who was ineffective last year) stunt Young's growth?

Vince Young has made good strides as a passer. With the exception of the first preseason game, Young has looked pretty efficient. He is making decisions more quickly than he did last season and is delivering the ball with more accuracy.

I don't think Young's weapons are that much weaker than they were last season. Eric Moulds can put up numbers similar to what Drew Bennett did last season. Chris Davis will probably end up being a better player than Bobby Wade. The running game with the White Brown duo seems to be working effectively.

4. What do you believe will be the Titans primary defensive strategy against the Jaguars?

The Titans will probably start the game with 8 in the box and make Garrard beat them. The run defense was weak last season but should be somewhat improved with the addition of Corey Simon. He is not the player he was when he played for the Eagles, but he is still a BIG presence in the middle that can keep blockers off of the linebackers.

5. The Titans have always fielded one of the better special teams units in the league, can Cortland Finnegan be a suitable replacement for Pacman Jones?

The Titans don't have anyone on the roster than can bring to the return game what Pacman did. He had a chance to go to the house every time he touched the ball. Cortland Finnegan was the odds on favorite for the punt returner job, but the coaches got frustrated with him because he was trying to take it all the way on every return. A lot of times he ended up running around and losing yardage instead of just putting his head down and getting the 7-10 yards that were right in front of him. Chris Davis seemed to understand that concept better. They will probably split the punt return duties this weekend.

6. Lendale White looked solid in the preseason against a lot of backup defenses, can he step up and be the guy that the Titans thought they were getting when they drafted him in round two last year?

LenDale actually did most of his preseason running against the first team defenses of teams the Titans played. He started two of the four preseason games and was missed one due to injury. I think he can step up and be the guy. I also think that the running attack will be pretty strong with the White and Brown combination. Brown can be an effective runner if he only has to carry the ball 8-10 times a game. That will be the role he is in as long as LenDale is healthy.

7. Do you think the Titans believe that they can rely on a similar sort of defense that notched them the victory over the Jaguars in their second meeting last season, despite being physically dominated, and outgained in the game by a total of 396-98?

Obviously I do not think the Titans can count on a fumble return for a touchdown, an interception return for a touchdown and a punt return for a touchdown. It would be not be smart for them to count on getting that again. They will make the necessary adjustments.

8. Have the Titans coaching staff worked with Vince Young to alter his low delivery at all?

No they have decided that is something they can live with. Jeff Fisher has said the release point isn't that big of a deal because Young is 6'5, so when he drops down it is like he is 6'2. Young didn't have that many balls tipped last season so it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal.

9. Outside of Keith Vanden Bosch, is there anyone else on the Titans defensive line that commands a double team?

Not really. Antwan Odom has played well in the preseason and has played well when healthy. He missed most of last season with a knee injury. He should have the opportunity to make some plays, especially early in the season, since most teams will put all of their attention towards KVB.

10. The Titans are obviously a southern team, but many teams that come in to Jacksonville in September wilt in the second halves of games, due to the overwhelming heat and humidity. Do you believe the Titans are prepared and conditioned well enough to deal with this issue?

It will not be as big of a factor to the Titans as it is to most teams because, as you said, they are a southern team. There was a stretch during training camp with eight straight days of 100 degree plus weather. I think you will see some guys that get affected by it because it will be so humid, but I think the team as a whole is pretty well prepared.

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