What We Learned Against Tennessee

This is our familiar post-game segment in which we look at our final game preview, and see if the most important questions were answered in the game. Aside from our list for the Tennessee game, we learned that the Jaguars defense isn't as good as we had previously thought, preseason means nothing, and I'm not very good at predictions.

Five most important things:

    1. Remember the Titans. David Garrard remembered the miserable performance that he had last December, and took steps to correction and redemption. Garrard played solid for most of the game, but at the end of the day, just 10 points were scored by the Jaguars. It's probably true that the quarterback gets too much credit when things go well, and too much blame when things go poorly, but the change at quarterback was made to score more points. They only scored 10.

    2. Attack Early. The Jaguars faced the loaded up line of scrimmage as predicted, but they couldn't loosen up the Titans defense through the passing game. Despite a great 47-yard catch by John Broussard, the Jaguars didn't really attack downfield.

    3. Stop the Titans rushing attack. This one grades out with a big "F." The Titans set a franchise record with 282 yards rushing against the Jaguars, despite losing yardage at the end of the game with kneel downs. The 49 attempts for 282 yards was also a franchise record for the Jaguars for most rushing yards allowed.

    4. Special teams must be a weapon, not a weakness. The Jaguars special teams unit was certainly not a weapon, due to the pre-game quad injury to kicker Josh Scobee. Scobee was only able to attempt short kicks, and he couldn't kick off.

    5. Treat it like a playoff game. If they treated this like a playoff game, it will likely be the only playoff game they get. The team simply got run over on defense, and they looked soft. Soft teams don't make the playoffs.

What to look for:

    1. Look for an extra motivated Maurice Jones-Drew. Although Jones-Drew was motivated, it didn't translate into production. Jones-Drew notched just 32 yards on the ground on seven carries. The entire Jaguars running game wasn't a factor due to the Titans playing cover one.

    2. Look for a big day by Mike Peterson. Mike Peterson was active, as he notched seven tackles, but he didn't make any big plays.

    3. Look at the Jaguars pass protection on the right side of the line. Pass protection on either side wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible. The Titans sacked the mobile David Garrard twice.

    4. Look for the Jaguars to keep Vince Young in the pocket. Young stayed in the pocket for most of the game, and he had virtually no success throwing the football. Young was one-dimensional, but the one dimension was what the Jaguars couldn't stop or even contain.

    5. Look for the Titans to pack it in during the second half. That statement would have been correct if you could replace Titans with Jaguars. The Jaguars defense looked defeated and soft in the second half, and despite having an opportunity at the end of the game to get the football back, the Titans pounded the ball down the Jaguars throats, and ran out the clock.

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