JagNation Power Rankings

JagNation Power Rankings It's once again time for our annual JagNation Power Rankings. In the non-BCS world of the NFL in which rankings mean absolutely zilch, we will do our best to portray who we believe to be the best teams in the NFL, week to week.

    1. Indianapolis Colts- The champs will stay at the top until they lose.

    2. San Diego Chargers- Impressive opening day victory.

    3. New England Patriots- Another Pats blowout of the Jets, S.D. up next.

    4. Carolina Panthers- Tough win at St. Louis last week.

    5. Seattle Seahawks- ‘Hawks are flying under the radar this year.

    6. Cincinnati Bengals- Defense looks improved.

    7. Denver Broncos- Nice last second victory at Buffalo.

    8. Chicago Bears- Offense is a mess, defense still solid.

    9. Pittsburgh Steelers- Who knows how good they actually are?

    10. Dallas Cowboys- Defense is a mess, Romo looked great.

    11. New Orleans Saints- Reggie Bush needs courage to go with all that hype.

    12. Houston Texans- Looks like a new attitude in Houston.

    13. Green Bay Packers- Defense is very tough.

    14. Baltimore Ravens- One QB shy of a Super Bowl.

    15. S.F. 49ers- Could be ready to compete for a playoff spot.

    16. Tennessee Titans- Dominant on the interior, QB still a big question.

    17. Philadelphia Eagles- Tough loss at Green Bay.

    18. Washington Redskins- ‘Skins are gutsy, could be a playoff contender if the QB develops.

    19. Detroit Lions- They can score with anyone, can they stop anyone good?

    20. Jacksonville Jaguars- Couldn't stop the run, they should get healthy w/ Atlanta.

    21. Minnesota Vikings- Good dominant win over the hapless Falcons.

    22. Buffalo Bills- Tough week in Buffalo for a lot of reasons.

    23. Arizona Cardinals- Better defense than many think.

    24. N.Y. Giants- Tough times ahead without Manning, Jacobs, and Osi.

    25. Miami Dolphins- Defense will still be solid, but what about the offense?

    26. N.Y. Jets- Completely overrated.

    27. St. Louis Rams- Please stop somebody on defense, please?

    28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Tampa will win some games this year, I'm just not sure when.

    29. Oakland Raiders- Improved over last year, but that isn't saying much.

    30. Atlanta Falcons- Dirty Birds are ugly to watch.

    31. Kansas City Chiefs- At least they have L.J.

    32. Cleveland Browns- What will they do with that first round pick next year? Whoops.

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