Dan Edwards' Idiot of the Week Award

Our newest weekly feature here at JagNation is the Dan Edwards Idiot of the Week Award. With the Dan Edwards Idiot of the Week Award, we search through the entire world of sports for the most ignorant quote or the dumbest play.

For those unaware, this award is named after the Jaguars VP of Communication, who chooses to limit the ability of the Jaguars to reach a much farther and well educated audience... instead opting to promote pressbox dating, babysitting, and writers from monthly travel magazines.

The first winner of this illustrious award is none other than the New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick. Prior to this past week, Belichick was considered by many to be a football genius. Ever since he was hired on as New England's head man, he's won three Super Bowls, as well as four consecutive AFC East titles. Belichick's teams are always considered the most prepared and now we know why.

As everyone knows, Bill Belichick had one of his cameramen tape the Jets defensive signals on opening day. Belichick was found guilty by Roger Goodell and was fined $500,000 as well as the team forfeiting what will likely be a first round pick. Aside from the monetary fine and the draft pick, Belichick may have cost himself something much greater. Before last week, Belichick was a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame once his coaching career is over. Now after being caught cheating, Belichick puts a giant blemish on not only his great coaching career, but the entire Patriots dynasty. He is now no longer a lock for the hall, due to his blatant disrespect for the game and rules of football.

The question that is on most fans minds regarding this situation is "how many times has he done this?" No one outside of the organization will ever know the truthful answer, but reports have surfaced from Green Bay and Detroit from games that happened a year ago. In January of 2006, the Jaguars traveled to New England in the playoffs, and the communication devices were mysteriously not working in the first half. The team had two delay of game penalties and was forced to burn timeouts early on. The team went on to lose the game 28-3, and the communication devices probably didn't play a huge factor, but it happened nonetheless.

Bill Belichick has done himself, his team, and the entire league a disservice. There's no telling how long this trickery has gone on, and there's no telling how much damage that he's done not only to his own career, but also to Tom Brady's. Now people are questioning Brady's skills as a signal caller and his greatness. Bill Belichick, congratulations. You are the proud recipient of the first Dan Edwards Idiot of the Week Award.

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