Report Card: Jaguars vs. Falcons

REPORT CARD: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons

PASSING OFFENSE: B -- David Garrard had a 117.4 quarterback rating while throwing for 272 yards and a touchdown, but the Jaguars still only put 13 points on the board.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C -- The running game, which ranked fourth in the league last year, continues to struggle. Fred Taylor had just 56 yards in 16 carries and Maurice Jones-Drew only had 31 yards in 11 carries. Last week, Taylor had 16 and Jones-Drew just 32 yards.

PASS DEFENSE: B plus -- The Jaguars sacked Joey Harrington seven times, but they didn't pick him off and he had a 93.8 quarterback rating while throwing for 200 yards. It always helps to play against Harrington.

RUSH DEFENSE: B plus -- After giving up 282 rushing yards to Tennessee, the Jaguars played much better against the Falcons and gave up just 82 to the Falcons.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- While John Carney, signed after Josh Scobee pulled a quad muscle last week, made two field-goal attempts, Matt Prater of the Falcons missed two and the Jaguars credited their field-goal rush for the misses although he could have just had bad kicks.

COACHING: C -- The Jaguars showed their undisciplined side as Dennis Northcutt got a penalty for spiking the ball after a catch that was short of the field down and they had 11 penalties overall. Coach Jack Del Rio isn't noted for running a tight ship and it showed against the Falcons.

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