Teens Benefit from JagsTix4Kids.org

JagNation and First Guaranty Bank were pleased to invite the first group to participate in the JagsTix4Kids.org project.

Seven kids from the Baker / Bradford County Teen Court were invited to attend the September 16th game against the Atlanta Falcons as guests of the fans of the Jaguars.

The Teen Court is an early intervention community resource for first time juvenile offenders. Teens volunteer to participate in all aspects of the court program, from defending fellow teens to serving on the jury. This concept has help to lower the repeat offenders from a rate of 42% in the traditional court system, to closer to 7% via teen court. The teens learn responsibility and authority through the challenges that this program presents.

The teens volunteers enjoyed cheering the Jaguars to the 13-7 victory.

Ryan Brannan (left) and two volunteers from the program
accept tickets from Robb Chamberlain of JagNation (right)

For more information on the project, see ARTICLE or visit http://www.JagsTix4Kids.org

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