JagNation Power Rankings

Welcome to another exciting rendition of JagNation's meaningless power rankings.

1. New England Patriots- Sorry Indy, the Pats demolition of San Diego was too impressive to keep them anywhere but number one.

2. Indianapolis Colts- Struggled against a very average Titans team.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Taking care of business against inferior opponents.

4. Dallas Cowboys- See Pittsburgh. Cowboys are the class of the NFC.

5. San Diego Chargers- Still a very good team, ran into a buzz saw Sunday night.

6. Chicago Bears- Everything is good but the quarterback.

7. Houston Texans- We find out if they're for real this week against Indy.

8. Baltimore Ravens- See Chicago.

9. Green Bay Packers- This team is for real, great defense.

10. Detroit Lions- Their 2-0 start may be something of a mirage.

11. Denver Broncos- Struggled with bad opponents, physical test this week against Jacksonville.

12. Washington Redskins- Probably not as good as their 2-0 record, but a lot to like overall.

13. Philadelphia Eagles- Not as bad as their 0-2 record.

14. Carolina Panthers- Who are these guys? Play great one week, get blown out the next.

15. San Francisco 49ers- Not anywhere near as good as their 2-0 record. They get exposed this week in Pittsburgh.

16. Seattle Seahawks- One really bad turnover away from being 2-0.

17. Cincinnati Bengals- Do the defensive players collect their paychecks with masks and guns?

18. Jacksonville Jaguars- Solid defense, can't score points.

19. Tennessee Titans- We still don't believe in Vince Young.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Galloway is still a very, very good receiver.

21. Arizona Cardinals- Found a way to win last week, they will need to do that more often to break the losing culture.

22. Minnesota Vikings- QB growing pains.

23. New York Jets- Should move on to Kellen Clemens.

24. New York Giants- Can't stop anyone.

25. St. Louis Rams- A big disappointment so far.

26. Buffalo Bills- A lot of soft spots on their defense.

27. New Orleans Saints- Really not that talented.

28. Cleveland Browns- Brady Quinn watch put on hold after scoring 51 with Derek Anderson.

29. Oakland Raiders- Their defense will keep them hanging around games.

30. Kansas City Chiefs- Nothing to like other than L.J.

31. Atlanta Falcons- Maybe Leftwich can save the day?

32. Miami Dolphins- Defense is better than their offense, and they aren't good.

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