Jaguars: What We Learned Against Denver

This is our familiar post-game segment in which we look at our final game preview, and see if the most important questions were answered in the game.

Five Most Important Things for the Jaguars:
    1. Stop the run. Mission accomplished. The Jaguars defense without John Henderson held the Broncos to just 47 yards rushing, including just 35 yards for the league's leading rusher entering the game, Travis Henry.

    2. Run the football. Mission accomplished once again. The Jaguars ran against a stacked Denver line for a total of 187 yards on 47 attempts. The Jaguars controlled the clock and broke Denver's spirit with their ability to out-muscle a supposedly physical team.

    3. Keep 'em quiet. The Jaguars took charge early and never trailed in the game. By the fourth quarter, the loud Denver crowd was turning on their own team.

    4. Play with controlled anger. The Jaguars did that repeatedly. No stupid penalties by the defense, just hard, clean hitting. The Jaguars defensive line was able to push back the Denver offensive linemen before they had a chance to cut anyone. Great job.

    5. Six's, not three's. This is one part of the game that didn't go so well. The Jaguars were inside the red zone six times, and scored on just five possessions, including just two touchdowns. Red zone efficiency is an area of concern for this team, if they would've been able to take advantage of those opportunities, it would have been a blowout.

What to look for:
    1. Look for the Broncos offense to attack the Jaguars over the deep middle. That certainly happened with second-year wide receiver (UCF alum), Brandon Marshall. Marshall had a career day catching seven balls for 133 yards against mostly Brian Williams and Terry Cousin.

    2. Look for a big day by the Jaguars tight ends. Jaguars tight ends caught six balls for 78 yards, not including two drops by Marcedes Lewis that would've put them over 100. Great job of hitting the seam routes by Garrard.

    3. Look for a David Garrard potpourri. Garrard did a little of everything in this game and was fantastic. David was accurate, he was mobile, and he did whatever the team needed him to do. 14/20, 154 yards, and 1 TD through the air with a passer rating of 109.2. 12 carries for 52 yards on the ground. The most important stat- 0 interceptions, not just for the game, for the season.

    4. Look for a better effort out of the Jaguars offensive tackles. The hammer missed the nail a bit on this one. Khalif Barnes injured his ankle early on, and Mo Williams had to spell him. Williams played solid, but Pashos is still a mystery on the right side. The mystery is what the Jaguars saw in him to pay him over $10 million. Pashos is still struggling, and accounted for a Garrard sack/fumble while still being flagged for holding.

    5. What happens in the first quarter may decide the game. It did. The Jaguars dominated the first quarter on the ground, and that's how the game would ultimately go. The Broncos looked soft.

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