Matt Jones - The Soap Opera

In the latest maneuver in the Matt Jones soap opera, Jones was listed as inactive as the third quarterback. Jones played quarterback in college, but he didn't even dress and watched from the sideline.

Meanwhile, his agent, Alan Herman, said that if Del Rio keeps putting Jones on the inactive list, he'll ask the Jaguars for permission to seek a trade.

He already called James "Shack" Harris, the team's vice president of player personnel, to register a complaint about Del Rio publicly criticizing Jones' body language last week.

Herman said, "I don't think he deserved to be singled out. I question the leadership ability of the head coach. I don't see a need to publicly criticize a player. I don't see a value in that. The head coach is supposed to be able to relate to all of his players. I was offended by it, to be candid with you."

As far as seeking a trade if the Jaguars aren't going to play him, Herman said, "If that's the game for the future (Jones not playing), I want him out of there. I'd like to move him to a place where he has the opportunity to play more. I don't want to see a player sitting on the bench. He's confident in his ability. He'd love to get the opportunity."

Herman also said that Del Rio privately apologized to Jones last Wednesday, but he questioned why Del Rio didn't publicly apologize for his comments.

"Why should it be a private apology?" Herman said. "I don't think that was fair to Matt."

Del Rio declined to get into a discussion of the Jones situation at his Monday press conference and declined to say whether he'll activate Jones for future games.

Del Rio just kept saying he makes the best decisions for the football team.

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