Jaguars Goaline Gaffe

The Jaguars survived one gaffe when David Garrard spiked the ball on third down at the Denver 1 with 13 seconds left in the first half even though the clock was stopped.

Garrard said, "That was a very, very weird situation. The coaches were yelling at me, 'Spike the ball. Spike the ball.' I kept thinking to myself, 'Why are they telling me to spike the ball?'"

But players tend to follow orders so Garrard spiked it even though he said he could have dove over the top for the score. John Carney then kicked a field goal.

Del Rio took responsibility for the call, but declined to say why the coaches were yelling at Garrard to spike the ball.

Garrard said, "We're going to look at stuff like that and hopefully not have that happen again."

Del Rio agreed, saying, "We need to handle that better. As always, there's a laundry list of things to do."

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