Jaguars Change of Plans

Coach Jack Del Rio has decided to change his usual bye week schedule.

Instead of practicing on Wednesday and Thursday and giving them the weekend off, he's giving them three days off and then practicing Thursday and Friday. They'll then have Saturday and Sunday off.

Del Rio gave no reason for the change but it's likely he doesn't want them to have a three-day weekend so that'll cut down on their opportunities to travel.

Del Rio said he didn't know if it was a disadvantage to have the bye after the third week instead of in midseason.

"I guess it just depends. There are a lot of different factors that go into it. Right now for us, for our football team, we have a few guys we think will get healed up so it's not a bad time for us. Ideally, you'd have it later in the year so that you have a chance to kind of heal up and then have a push. But we don't have any say in that thing. The schedule comes and we play it," Del Rio said.

The Jaguars play four of their first six games after the bye on the road and then come home to play San Diego in the seventh game so that run should determine what kind of season they have.

They go to Kansas City, come home to play Houston and Indianapolis and then go to Tampa Bay, New Orleans and Tennessee.

They last had a three-game road trip in 2005 and won all three at Tennessee, Arizona and Cleveland.

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