JagNation Idiot of the Week Award - NFL

With the "Idiot of the Week Award" we search through the entire world of sports for the most ignorant quote or the dumbest play.

This week's recipient of the illustrious Idiot of the Week Award is none other than the National Football League itself. We've taken a few small shots at the NFL in the past, mostly regarding the officiating and instant replay, but this time, their paranoia has really gone over the line. Perhaps you've heard that the NFL has banned cheerleaders, yes cheerleaders, from warming up or stretching in front of opposing teams, prior to a game.

The NFL sent a memo to all 32 teams warning them not to have their cheerleaders "distract" the opposition, or do anything else to take the players' minds off the job at hand. Now this is paranoia at its best (or should I say worst). The NFL apparently "investigated" the Patriots after the whole "Spygate" incident, and found that there had been no other violations. I find it fairly difficult to believe that Belichick and the Pats staff had only taped signals that one time, but apparently the league couldn't find any other incidents, so now they are concentrating on the fairer sex that perform in most of the NFL stadiums.

Honestly, does the NFL really think that cheerleaders shaking their "assets" could really have any effect on the outcome of a game? I have been to stadiums all over the country, and although I will admit to noticing the scantily clad ladies for a few brief moments (sorry Mrs. Bernstein), they've never actually kept my attention from watching the game, even in preseason. I can't possibly imagine a player forgetting the plays or signals in a game, that have been practiced all week, because a nice looking lady is shaking her "pom pom's."

This is yet another example of the NFL earning it's nickname as the no fun league. I just wonder what will be next. Will ladies in the crowd not be allowed to wear low-cut shirts, or shorts or skirts that are more than three inches above the knee? I guess these rules wouldn't really apply to those ladies that attend games in Pittsburgh or Green Bay (apologies to Christina Aguilera who's from Pittsburgh), because I imagine that it's difficult to find low-cut shirts in XXXL sizes, but to the rest of the NFL cities, I ask where will this end? Here's to you NFL, for emulating the stupidity of one front office VP, and thus earning this award.

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