JagNation Idiot of the Week Award

Our JagNation Idiot of the Week award for the first week of October is presented to the Jaguars own left tackle, Khalif Barnes. Barnes earned this award early Saturday morning when authorities found Khalif's Mercedes-Benz crashed into a tree, near 6:30 a.m., just a little over a mile away from his home.

Now getting into a car accident is nothing to be ashamed of. I've been in an accident, and so have most people that I know. If Khalif had crashed into a tree, called in the incident, and dealt with the consequences directly, he surely wouldn't have earned this award. Unfortunately, Khalif seemed to have pulled a "Briggs." Pulling a "Briggs" is when you wreck your car and flee from the scene as soon as possible, just like Bears linebacker Lance Briggs did with his Lamborghini just a few months ago. Barnes' keys to the vehicle were reportedly found in the grass a few steps away from the car.

At JagNation, we are not in the accusation business. I'm not going to accuse Khalif Barnes of driving under any outside influences because there is absolutely no proof of that, or really any other wrongdoing outside of leaving the scene of an accident. However, Khalif did get arrested for driving under the influence just under a year ago, and months later the police leaked an audio transcript in which Barnes blasted the police department, and the city of Jacksonville.

Even though Barnes had that one miscue that seems to possibly be related to this particular incident, we refuse to indict Barnes. What we don't understand is that if Khalif wasn't doing anything wrong, why would he abandon his vehicle. Barnes is an intelligent, articulate man, and outside of one really bad night of judgment (previously), he has been a solid guy in the community. Ditching your car somewhere, (especially when you've had a previous incident), assuming you're innocent is just a really bad public relations move. Questions will surely come up about the incident, and now Barnes will have the stigma of being a guy who at the minimum, you don't want to see on the roadways.

Khalif, we believe that you're completely innocent, but ditching your car and bringing up the preponderance of doubt throughout the community earns you this week's Idiot of the Week award.

Charlie Bernstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Jagnation.com, and a regular syndicated contributor to FoxSports.com, Sirius NFL Radio, and Sportsillustated.com. Charlie is also a member of the Pro Football Writers Association, and is a columnist for the New Smyrna Observer.

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