Jaguars Execute Gameplan

This is our weekly segment following a Jaguars game in which we take a look back at what the most important things going into the game were, and what we learned during the contest.

Five Most Important Things for the Jaguars

    1. Strike early. The Jaguars scored on their first possession for the first time this season, as the team had a record 18 play drive that chewed up 10:55 on the clock en route to three points. That drive quieted the Kansas City crowd, and set the tone for the day.

    2. Stop Larry Johnson. Mission accomplished in a huge way. Johnson had nine carries for 12 yards, and seemed to give up, as the Chiefs did to their rushing attack.

    3. More Garrard on the move. Garrard didn't run often, but offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter utilized him on quite a few rollouts. Garrard finished with four carries for 9 yards in the game.

    4. Fight fire with fire. The Jaguars used their tight ends a lot, their wide receivers, and had a big play from Maurice Jones-Drew. The Jaguars weapons proved to be superior at the end of the day.

    5. Win special teams. The Jaguars won special teams in a big way thanks to rookie punter Adam Podlesh, who finished with a 45 yard average, including three punts downed inside the10.

What to look for:

    1. Look for a lot of play-action from both teams. The Jaguars utilized their play action early and often, and it led to a big 40 yard reception from Garrard to Dennis Northcutt.

    2. Look for Fred Taylor to go over 100 yards. Fred didn't get 100, but he got half that (51 yards). Maurice Jones-Drew chipped in with 82 yards on just 10 carries, so the running game was working in full effect.

    3. Look for another big day by the Jaguars tight ends. Jaguars tight ends finished with six catches for 51 yards, including a few key third down conversions.

    4. Look for a lot of draw plays by the Jaguars. The draw play struck for a 52 yard touchdown run by Maurice Jones-Drew, and it helped slow down the Kansas City pass rush, which clearly overpowered the Jaguars offensive line, especially at the tackle positions.

    5. Look for special teams to decide this one. Special teams didn't decide the game, the Jaguars quarterback and defense did, but special teams helped. Adam Podlesh kept pinning the Chiefs back deep in their own territory, and a missed field goal by Dave Rayner on the Chiefs first possession took a lot of wind out of their sails.

Charlie Bernstein is the Editor-in-Chief of, and a regular syndicated contributor to, Sirius NFL Radio, and Charlie is also a member of the Pro Football Writers Association, and is a columnist for the New Smyrna Observer.

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