Maurice Jones-Drew: Inside Slant

Maurice Jones-Drew has finally flashed his ability to make big plays. Jones-Drew hasn't been off to a fast start this year. In 41 of his carries, he has gained only 130 yards, an average of barely over three yards a carry. But in the team's 17-7 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, he made a 52-yard touchdown run that had his teammates comparing him to Barry Sanders.

The run also boosted his total to 182 yards in 42 carries for a 4.3 average.

On his 52-yard touchdown run in the second period that put the Jaguars in control of the game against the Chiefs, Jones-Drew made a move on his former college teammate, Jarrad Page, that brought back memories of Sanders' elusive style. Running back Fred Taylor said he still remembers Sanders putting on a move like that against the New England Patriots when he was in his prime.

"He made the guy spin round right on the sidelines. I don't remember the guy's name, he was No. 42, but Sanders made him spin all the way around like a whirlybird, Mo did the same thing. I'm looking for ESPN to open that up at the top of the show tonight," Taylor said.

Quarterback David Garrard also compared Drew to Sanders.

"He's a great talent. He did a little Sanders move there and spun the guy around and made a long run. When you have stuff like that, it takes so much pressure off your quarterback," Garrard said.

Jones-Drew gave credit to his teammates for opening the hole because he wasn't touched on the play.

"They did a great job," he said.

But it was his move on Page, who played with him at UCLA, that made it a touchdown run. Jones-Drew said he's known Page since they were in grade school in Northern California. Jones-Drew said he talked with him after the game and Page said, "They left me one-on-one (with Jones-Drew)." With a smile, he said, "Drew said, "I won't tell anybody."

Jones-Drew said they'll be talking about it in the offseason when they go back home. The Jaguars hope Jones-Drew has more runs like that to talk about in the offseason.

The run against the Chiefs was his first touchdown of the season. Last year, he had 16 touchdowns.

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