Hot Topic: David Garrard

David Garrard is proving the Jaguars don't need a go-to franchise type receiver. The Jaguars haven't had one since Jimmy Smith retired in 2005, but Garrard makes up for the lack of one by spreading the ball around.

Eleven receivers have caught passes for the Jaguars this year and nine of them caught his 20 completions in the 17-7 victory over the Chiefs Sunday.

Their leading receiver, Dennis Northcutt, has only 15 catches, which ranks him tied for 30th in the league.

Their second leading receiver is a tight end, Marcedes Lewis, with 12 and their third leading receiver is a running back, Maurice Drew, with nine.

Wide receivers Ernest Wilford and Williams are next with six receptions and Jones is tied with tight end Greg Estandia with five.

Tight end George Wrighster has four while rookie wide receiver John Broussard, running back Greg Jones and running back Fred Taylor, each have two.

Explaining his philosophy, Garrard said, "I've never been a quarterback who likes to zero in on a receiver. When we had Jimmy Smith here, he was a guy you had to try to find a little bit more because he was always beating everybody."

Garrard added, "I think we have a good group of guys and any of them can get open. I'm going to throw to any of them no matter who they are. We had Greg Estandia flanked outside and he ran a comeback route on Ty Law so I've got confidence in all those guys. I know they can all make plays. I don't like to zero in on guys because if they take him anyway, now what do you do? I like to spread the wealth."

This style has helped Garrard put together 18-play drives in the last two games that eat up the clock and help keep their defense fresh.

The defense was on the field only 21:18 at Denver and 23:17 at Kansas City. The Broncos offense ran only 42 plays and the Chiefs ran just 56 while the Jaguars ran 70 and 66 in those two games.

Coach Jack Del Rio said teams have made the passing game work with one or two key receivers or with spreading the ball around.

"There are a lot of different ways to do it. There have been teams that have one or two guys catch the majority of balls and that other teams had guys where the distribution is spread among many players. I think you can be successful either way," he said.

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