Barnes Barking False Report

The Khalif Barnes case took a strange twist this week when police reported that four hours after calling Jacksonville police to tell them he crashed into a tree, he called back to report his car stolen.

After an officer told him he had listened to the original 911 call, Barnes changed his mind and said he fell asleep and crashed into a tree. He fled the scene of the accident and left his keys in the grass. He wasn't charged with filing a false police report because he backed off the stolen car claim before it was written.

But the incident has raised more questions. He is not allowed to drive except to work and back because of a previous DUI arrest. He said he was driving to the stadium for treatment on a sore ankle, but his car crashed on the side of the street heading home. His lawyer, Hank Coxe, said Barnes was returning home after he remembered he forgot his license.

The league says it is monitoring the situation, but Del Rio said he'd be "shocked" if the league takes action against him.

But whether Barnes, a second-round pick in 2005, has a long-term future with the club remains to be seen.

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