JagNation Idiot of the Week Award

Jaguars fans who purchased tickets to this Sunday's game are in luck as they get to witness in person, this weeks' recipient of the JagNation Idiot of the Week Award. The prestigious honor goes to none other than the Houston Texans defensive tackle, Travis Johnson.

Travis Johnson made himself eligible for this honor when he was blocked in the knees last Sunday by Miami Dolphins quarterback Trent Green. The low block by Green caused Johnson to hit Green in the head with his knee, as he went tumbling in air like a 14-year old gymnast. Johnson was aggravated (probably rightfully so) by Green's low block so he stood over Green as he laid motionless on the ground and yelled, pointed, and taunted him. This is an action we certainly don't defend at JagNation, but we understand. Johnson was hit low, and could've ended up with a catastrophic knee injury. Fortunately for Johnson, he was fine, and life goes on for him.

What really earned Johnson this award was how he acted in his postgame locker room interview. After having some time to "cool off" and think about what happened, especially considering Trent Green had to be carted off and taken to a local hospital, Johnson continued to go off on Green. Johnson used expletives when describing Green and then he made a quote that shall be remembered for quite a while when he referred to the Dolphins injured quarterback as "a scarecrow" (obviously referencing the move, the Wizard of Oz). Johnson then said that Green needed to get some courage (apparently like the scarecrow).

Once again, we understand that Mr. Johnson could've easily sustained a major knee injury due to the low block, and that would incite nearly anyone, but to get a Wizard of Oz reference wrong is just idiotic. Travis, the scarecrow needed a brain, and it was the...say it with me.... Cowardly Lion who needed courage. If you're going to throw down some serious Wizard of Oz smack, you have to at least get your characters straight Travis.

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