Mojo's Transaction

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew is likely to find his account a bit lighter Friday.

After he scored on a 52-yard run in Kansas City last Sunday, he unveiled a new celebration. Drew acted as if the goal post were an ATM machine as he punched in the numbers.

"It was pretty cool," he said. "We laughed our way all the way to the bank. We went to the ATM and took out a little cash. A lot of guys wanted to see it done."

Unfortunately for Drew, his playful gesture could have positive consequences.

Drew said the celebration wasn't a violation of league rules because he didn't use the ball as a prop. But a league spokesman said the players can't use the goal post as a prop, either.

That means Drew is likely to find out Thursday that he's going to be fined. The 52-yarder was his only run longer than 52 yards this year. On his other 41 carries, he has only 130 yards.

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