Counting Down...

The Jaguars haven't played many high stakes games in recent years. They've played in only one playoff game since 1999 and have only one player, running back Fred Taylor, left from the team that went to the AFC title game that year before losing to the Titans. That's why the Jaguars' game Monday night against the Colts has so many ramifications.

The Jaguars set the table for what may be their biggest home game since the 1999 AFC title game loss to the Titans when they beat their old nemesis, the Houston Texans, 37-17, Sunday at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

The 4-1 Jaguars will now play host to the 5-0 Colts -- the defending Super Bowl champions -- next Monday night, with the winner taking over first place in the AFC South Division.

"The stage is set for us," linebacker Mike Peterson said after the Jaguars won their fourth game in a row.

"We can pretty much run the table from here on out," he said.

Taylor said, "It's a meaningful game, a big game. We're trying to keep this ball rolling. We don't want to stop here."

The last time the Colts, who had a bye this weekend, were in Jacksonville last December, the Jaguars rushed for 375 yards in a 44-17 rout. But the Jaguars then lost their final three games to miss the playoffs while the Colts went on to win the Super Bowl.

This is a chance for the Jaguars to grab the torch in their division as they bid for their first division title since 1999.

If the Jaguars lose, they'll be two games behind the Colts and would be once again fighting for a wild-card berth. A victory would leave them tied with the Colts, but they'd have the tie-breaker because of their head-to-head victory.

The Jaguars have a red hot quarterback in David Garrard, who'll duel Peyton Manning. Garrard has yet to throw an interception in five games and had a quarterback rating above 100 against the Texans for the fourth consecutive game. He's the first quarterback in Jaguars history to do that.

The Jaguars ran for 244 yards against the Texans and Garrard added 221 in passing yards.

The Jaguars displayed their usual ball control offense with drives of 76 and 73 yards, but they also exploded with some big plays, including 76 and 57-yard runs by Fred Taylor and Maurice Drew and a 77-yard touchdown run with a fumble recovery by Daryl Smith.

Drew wound up with 260 all-purpose yards, including 184 yards in rushing and receiving.

Beating the Texans was a good omen for the Jaguars because they made the playoffs when they swept them in 2005. They missed the playoffs by a game in both 2004 and 2006 when they were swept by the Texans.

The Jaguars downplayed the fact last week that the Texans were 6-4 against them, but they admitted Sunday that fact was a motivation for them.

"It feels real good," Peterson said. "They spoiled a lot of playoff chances for us."

The Texans started out as if they were going to do it to the Jaguars again.

They fell behind 6-0 in the second quarter before they scored a touchdown to take the lead for good at 7-6.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said he wasn't frustrated by the slow start.

"Why would I be?" he said. "It was a good solid first half, back and forth stuff, two teams going after each other."

The Jaguars led 10-6 at halftime and blew it open in the second half with 27 points.

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