Mojo's Karate Kid Moves Save Him Money

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew has learned his lesson. After being fined $7,500 for using the goal post as an ATM machine in Denver two weeks ago after scoring his first touchdown of the year, Jones-Drew made sure he wasn't going to get fined Sunday in the team's 37-17 victory over the Houston Texans.

"The theme this week was 'non-fineable.' I tried to do as much as I can to not get fined," he said after he scored two touchdowns against the Texans.

After seeing the Karate Kid last week, he bowed to the crowd like Mr. Miyagi and also flexed his muscles. On his second one, he somersaulted into the end zone. "We saw the Karate Kid earlier this week so I decided to do Mr. Miagi. I stole Mike Peterson's flexcam. I did that a little bit. I was just trying to have fun and that's all that matters. I think when you have fun, everyone has fun," he said.

The only negative of his day was that he tried to dive for a pass but couldn't haul it in. "I tried to lay out for it. I saw the receivers can do it so I thought I could, but my arms aren't long enough to go out and try to bring it in at the same time," he said with a smile.

He had 125 rushing yards, 59 receiving yards and 76 kickoff return yards. On a day when Fred Taylor's groin tightened up and he had only six carries, although he had a 76-yard burst and finished with 90 yards, he showed he can carry the load.

Last year, he had 166 of the 375 yards the Jaguars piled up against the Colts in a 44-17 rout. Now the question is whether they can shred the Colts' running defense again Monday night.

"Last year is last year. We're not worried about last year, but we know we have a tough game coming up Monday night against the Colts."

Jones-Drew hasn't forgotten they picked Joseph Addai over him in the draft although Addai has been an effective running back. "They still didn't pick me in the draft so I'm still upset about that," he said. Jones-Drew hasn't forgotten that he lasted until the 60th pick in the second round so he's always got incentive.

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